Evolve Hunter Strategy Guide: What is the Best Class?

Evolve Hunter Strategy Guide: What is the Best Class?

Learn the ins and outs of the Assault, Medic, Support and Trapper classes in Evolve.

There are a lot of options when playing on the side of the Hunters in Evolve. Not only could players end up being in any one of the four classes, but each class has three different Hunters to choose from, all with their own unique weapons, backgrounds and Class Ability.

We've already dropped some knowledge on how to play as the Monster in Evolve, but today we're going to balance things out with a look at the Hunters and what they bring to the table. We'll talk about each class, the Hunters that are in it, and what sort of firepower each character can bring to the table. It will be up to each individual player to decide what class, or even specific character is best for them.

The Assault Class

The point of the Assault class is to bring the pain toward that Monster scumbag. Each class has something that it's good at, and killing things is what the Assault group does best. In order to pull this off they will have to get close to the beast, something that is made more manageable because of the Personal Shield Class Ability. When activated, this will throw up a shield for 10 seconds, blocking incoming attacks from the Monster. Once it's used up the Personal Shield has a 30 second cool down before it can be used again.

Parnell - This guy looks like he's all business, and he is capable of dealing out major damage to the Monster and local wildlife alike. He brings the Combat Shotgun and Multifire Rocket Launcher weapons into battle, and follows that up with an ability called the Super Soldier. This allows Parnell to move and shoot faster, dishing out huge damage to whatever target he's locked on to.

Hyde - We've been in a few shady beverage clubs where people like Hyde hang out, and it's fair to say that we want him on our side when we encounter the Monster. Beyond the class specific ability, he packs a Flamethrower and Minigun into his backpack, complimented by a Toxic Grenade. As if grenades weren't bad enough, this guy goes and makes them toxic.

Markov - The final member of the Assault class looks a bit like he ripped his armor off of car and bent it to fit his body. He tends to roll with the Lightning Gun, Assault Rifle and Arc Mines. The latter are great for setting traps or preventing the Monster from advancing on the Hunters. All of the characters in this class seem dangerous, but this guy might pack the biggest punch.

The Trapper Class

Trappers actually have two primary objectives that are essential to the success of the Hunters. The first is to track the Monster down before it can evolve to Stage 3, and the second is as the name suggests - to trap the beast. The Class Ability that's awarded to the Trappers is called the Mobile Arena, a device that can be placed in the environment to trap the Monster inside of a bubble. It lasts for 60 seconds before entering a 60 second cool down, and has an effective radius of 50 meters. It likely goes without saying, but trapping the Monster in the Mobile Arena is a better idea when it's at Stage 1 (weaker), rather than Stage 3 (stronger).

Abe - There's no denying that this guy looks a little bit like John Marston. Well, maybe other players will disagree, but we think so. Abe likes to carry a Custom Shotgun and Stasis Grenades, which aren't really as exciting to read about as his Tracking Dart Pistol. Just as the name suggests, this can help the Hunters track the monster down before he deploys the Mobile Arena to block it off.

Maggie - The Trapper class will definitely go down as the one with the most important, but Maggie takes that a step further with her Pet Trapjaw named Daisy. This 400 pound beast is not only capable of tracking the Monster, but also reviving downed teammates. Maggie also carries the Machine Pistol and Harpoon Traps, but Daisy might make her the most useful Trapper in the group.

Griffin - Rounding out what we believe to be one of the most fun classes to play as is Griffin, a dude who rocks out with the Gauss SMG and Harpoon Gun, but also packs Sound Spikes, remote sensors that are capable tracking the Monster as it moves about. Like all other Trapper's he has the Mobile Arena, but it's the previously mentioned Harpoon Gun that is the reason Griffin might be the best Trapper. It has far more versatility than Maggie's Harpoon Traps, although Daisy is irreplaceable. This class is loaded with useful Hunters.

The Medic Class

As the name suggests, the Medic class is all about keeping people healthy during combat, and this is part of the reason that the Monster tends to target them first. Take out the Medic and the rest of the group essentially loses their life line. The good news is that the Class Ability is the Healing Burst, something that will regenerate some health for anyone who is within 15 meters when it's used. It comes with a 22 second cool down time, so it's best to make sure to call out when it'll be activated so teammates in need can gather around. Unfortunately, Evolve looks like a game that will be hard on the Medics, although the job is one of great importance.

Caira - When it comes to being a healer and a death dealer, nobody fits the description better than this Medic. Caira takes both a Napalm Grenade Launcher and Healing Grenade Launcher into battle, as well as a nifty little ability called the Acceleration Shield. Any Hunters in close proximity will get a speed boost when activated, helping the team catch (or evade) the Monster.

Lazarus - He looks more like a final boss fight than a Medic, but Lazarus is a welcome addition to any Hunter team. Besides a Silenced Sniper Rifle, he also has something called the Lazarus Device, capable of instantly reviving dead teammates. If that wasn't overpowered enough, the guy can also pop on a Personal Cloak to help sneak past the any threats that might be lurking about.

Val - If Lazarus is the quiet one, Val is the noisy upstairs neighbor that doesn't care even a little about her middle of the night shenanigans. She carries an Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle, as well as a Medgun that continuously heals teammates. Rounding out her unique gear is the Tranquilizer Gun, something that can slow the monster down and tag it for easier killing.

The Support Class

Going with a member of the Support class is a commendable decision, and one that most players aren't likely to regret. It has a bit of everything that makes a Hunter feel good, like the ability to help out their teammates while also bringing the noise against the Monster. For a Class Ability it has the Cloaking Field, something that will help the team maintain a low profile in almost any situation. This ability will last for 20 seconds, then enter a 30 second cool down time. Any Hunters within a 10 meter radius will be benefit from the Cloaking Field, so gamers should embrace the idea of getting cozy with their teammates.

Cabot - This dude looks like a banker, although his place of employment would never be robbed. Support characters tend to have big guns, and Cabot likes to bring the Rail Cannon, capable of firing through objects. He also wields the Damage Amplifier to boost the damage done by teammates, and the Dust Tagging system for marking all life forms in the area.

Bucket - With perhaps the best nickname in the entire game, nothing about Bucket is human. Players who enjoy a strong offensive presence might want to try this guy, as he carries the Guided Missile Launcher, Sentry Guns and a UAV in the form of his detachable head. Basically Bucket will spot the monster, tag it, then destroy it... kind of like a multi-tool.

Hank - We would suggest playing as Hank based entirely on the fact that he has a massive beard and smokes cigars during combat. How can you not trust a guy like that? Anyway, he rocks the Laser Cutter and Shield Protector, the latter of which can be deployed to protect fellow Hunters. Oh, and he also has something called the Orbital Barrage, which is a devastating as it sounds. Think death from above.

Mixing and Matching

That pretty much sums up the Hunters and what each of them can do. Keep in mind that no player is going to get their preferred character all the time, so it's best to study the pros and cons of each of them by trying all 12. Certain Hunters will be better against different Monsters, while others might excel on a particular map or biome. Don't be afraid to try something new, but always remember that they key to victory is through teamwork.

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