Evolve Monster Guide: How to Unlock the Kraken and Wraith

Evolve Monster Guide: How to Unlock the Kraken and Wraith

A guide to the Monsters of Evolve, including how to unlock the Kraken and Wraith.

At the very core of Evolve is the idea of one overpowered Monster up against four resourceful humans who must work together. There's a lot more to this first-person shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, however, as many of the choices made before the start of the round can have a huge impact on how each one plays out.

All throughout this week we'll be diving deep into the characters, game modes and mechanics that help make Evolve what it is. Whether players are working in a team of four to hunt down the Monster, or going solo as the beast itself, our guides will see to it that no gamer is left behind.

How to Unlock the Kraken and Wraith

All players will start the game with the Goliath Monster unlocked, but the Kraken and Wraith are only available after completing some of the game's mastery requirements.

The Kraken: This is unlocked by completing Stage 1 of the Goliath character mastery, which requires the following.

Rock Throw: Do 12,000 Damage

Charge: Do 12:000 Damage

Fire Breath: Do 12,000 Damage

Leap Smash: Do 12,000 Damage

The Wraith: The third Monster is unlocked by completing Stage 1 of the Kraken character mastery, which requires the following.

Lightning Strike: D0 20,000 Damage

Vortex: Do 30,000 Damage

Aftershock: Do 15,000 Damage

Banshee Mines: Do 27,000 Damage

The Monster Abilities

Monster abilities work in tiers, with each ability starting at Stage 1. This means the ability is in its most basic form, only holding Damage and Radius ratings of 100 percent. By feeding on local wildlife, players can evolve and earn points to spend, thus ranking up their abilities to Stage 2 and Stage 3, increasing the damage ratings of each one.

The Goliath Monster

The Goliath is the first Monster that players will have access to when playing Evolve, and it's a pretty good way to kick things off. It not only has the most armor and health of all three Monster options, but the Goliath is a power-house when it comes to melee combat. This makes it extremely efficient when with things like feeding and close up engagements with the Hunters.

Goliath Monster Abilities

Rock Throw - Goliath picks up a large boulder and hurls it at nearby Hunters. Players can aim this throw, although it's quite difficult to be accurate. Aim for groups of Hunters, or combine it with the Charge ability to catch players while they're staggered and unable to flee.

Leap Smash - Think of this like a frog splash from the top rope in professional wrestling, only it's performed by a Monster that is 10 times the size of its targets. Use this move to deal massive damage to groups of enemies, or as a surprise attack from a cliff up above.

Fire Breath - We found this to be an excellent way to make overly aggressive Hunters back off. Nobody likes to be burned, and a huge ball of flames to the face tends to make people think twice about whether they should be on defense or offense. It has decent range and damage.

Charge - Think of this ability like a bull barreling through its target, but in the case of Goliath this move doesn't just do damage, it can also be used to set up a combination. Use Charge to knock one or more Hunters to the ground so a well placed Rock Throw can pile on the additional pain.

The Leap Special Movement Ability

Each Monster not only comes fully loaded with a batch of offensive abilities, but also a more passive option that falls under the movement category. In the case of the Goliath this called Leap, and the name is pretty much explanation enough. Players can leap to either close the distance between it and its prey, or to get away from those pesky Hunters in the early parts of the round.

The Kraken Monster

Where the Goliath would be considered big and strong, the Kraken falls into more of the agile and horrifying category. Its health and armor ratings aren't as high as the Goliath, but the ability to basically fly in and out of battle makes it a real pain to track down. Although it is capable of dealing damage from close up combat, it might be wise to keep a bit of distance.

Kraken Monster Abilities

Lightning Strike - This ranged attack can deal some very devastating damage to the Hunters, but it's also possible for them to dodge it due to the short charge time. For this reason, try to pair the Lightning Strike with other abilities to catch opponents who aren't able to get out of the way.

Vortex - This attack comes in the form of a large elemental wall that moves in the direction aimed by the player. It can be used to knock Hunters back and buy some time, or even to set up a combination that might end with the Lightning Strike. It's also one of the most effective ways of killing wildlife.

Aftershock - This is the close up combat option for the Kraken, releasing a huge electrical blast that will damage nearby targets, including wildlife. This makes it great for feeding, or even convincing some Hunters they may want to give the Kraken a little breathing room. It does have a charge time.

Banshee Mines - These mines are pretty much what most players would expect. They can be set up and laid around the map to act as traps. Try hiding them in areas where the Hunters are likely to travel but aren't likely see them, such as around corners. They could even be left at the drop zone.

The Airburst Special Movement Ability

The Airburst will allow a Kraken to fly up in to the air during combat. This can be used to reach a better position to mount an offense, or to make an escape. Airburst can be used a second time to get far away in a big hurry. This is done by aiming where a player wants to go while in mid air, then pressing the Airburst button a second time.

The Wraith Monster

Players should start to see an excellent balance of options developing with the Monsters. The Wraith continues that trend by being all about deception, where as the Goliath features strength and melee combat, and the Kraken is good with speed and range. The Wraith has the ability to warp in and out of battle, as well as deploy decoys. Sneaky little bugger, huh?

The Wraith Monster Abilities

Warp Blast - Exactly as it sounds, this ability allows the Wraith to warp toward a target, then fire off a blast to deal some massive damage. It's not a bad way to kick off a fight, but the blast does take time to charge up. Make sure the target doesn't see this one coming, or at least can't get out of the way.

Adduction - We'll give Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games credit for one thing, they know how to accurately name their in-game concepts. Abduction causes the Wraith to warp to the Hunter location, then pull a target back to the point where the attack originated. Combine it with pounce for a sick kill.

Decoy - The possibilities are endless with this one. By using Decoy, a Wraith doppelganger is sent out to trick the Hunters, while at the same time the player themselves will become cloaked. This can be used to buy time for an escape, set up a flanking maneuver, or even clear out some mines and traps.

Supernova - This ability allows the Wraith to spawn a small arena that grants the Monster a damage and armor bonus. Trapping multiple Hunters inside is ideal, and if one escapes this can be combined with Abduction to bring them back inside.

The Warp Special Movement Ability

The Warp ability allows the Wraith to teleport from point to point in a big hurry. This can make it very difficult for Hunters to nail down her location and cause damage, but it can be even more effective when combined with Decoy. Try warping away from a sticky situation, then deploying the Wraith's doppelganger for the Hunters to chase while making an escape.

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