Explore a Groundbreaking Music Game in the Latest Retronauts Micro Video

Explore a Groundbreaking Music Game in the Latest Retronauts Micro Video

Look back with us to Otocky, a game that brilliantly combined shooting, rhythm, and music more than a decade before Rez was even an inkling of an idea!

The latest Micro episode of Retronauts has arrived, and with it the latest video version of the podcast. You really ought to watch rather than simply listen, because this episode concerns a fairly unusual Japan-only game from nearly 30 years ago. It makes a lot more sense in motion!

Don't worry, traditionalists; the audio-only edition is right here as well:

If you've never heard of Otocky, don't worry. It's a cult favorite, but it wasn't much of a hit in Japan, and there's never been any talk of bringing it over to the U.S. You may have heard of its designer, though! Toshio Iwai was the brain behind DS musical experience Electroplankton. Otocky is more of a traditional game, but it's still very much about visuals and music. The good news is that it uses basically all English text, so if you can get a copy up and running, you can play and enjoy it without the need for a translation.

Download Links

Libsyn (11:19, 10.1 MB) | MP3 Download | SoundCloud

Episode Description

We missed out on plenty of games that were terrible, rotten, and downright awful back in the 8-bit era, when less than half the games released for Nintendo's Famicom console were converted to NES. But we also missed out on plenty of gems, such as Otocky. Designed by Toshiro Iwai, the man who gave us Electroplankton, Otocky combined shooting and music more than a decade before Rez. And for some reason it was endorsed by a teenage girl, as well. A curiosity, but an entertaining one to be sure.

Music in this episode comes from... Otocky. The musical accompaniment is literally me playing the game. That's what's so great about Otocky!

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