Extended Tales of Arise Trailer Shows More Gameplay, Plot Details

Extended Tales of Arise Trailer Shows More Gameplay, Plot Details

Plus, we finally get some names.

We got our first glimpse at a new Tales game at E3 2019, but now, we're getting a clearer picture of the world and setting for Tales of Arise. An extended trailer premiered on June 15 at the Tales Of Festival, and today, Bandai Namco has posted the English-subbed version of the trailer.

With the subs, we can clarify a few things about Tales of Arise. The main characters, who are shown as Alphen and Shionne, are from the opposing worlds of Rena and Dahna. The two find themselves forced into a reluctant alliance, with Alphen gaining some sort of magical blade from Shionne.

We can also see some more glimpses of combat, which definitely seems more involved and faster than past Tales games. It almost seems to have more in common with The Witcher than the 3D arena bouts Tales games are known for, with Alphen dodge-rolling and dashing around.

However it works, we'll learn more as we near the new year, as Tales of Arise is still set to launch sometime in 2020. We did learn more about the game at E3 2019, in an interview with the series' producer Yusuke Tomizawa. The faster combat, as well as a new look and impressive scale, are all part of a bid to garner Western attention for the Tales series.

"The anime style and graphics are a core value of the Tales Of series, but the anime style graphics are still being evolved in Tales of Arise," Tomizawa told USG. "I think one of the core new features that can appeal to Western users is the graphics."

How it all comes together will be interesting to see. We'll keep an eye out for any more details we can get as we get closer to 2020.

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