Fall Games Preview 2016: All the Best Games From This Holiday Season

Fall Games Preview 2016: All the Best Games From This Holiday Season

We take a look at the biggest games coming out over the next few months.

Another year is winding to a close, and soon a slew of games will be arriving at our doorstep. The process has already begun, and the deluge will only grow as the year progresses.

In the articles below, we take a look at the biggest and most interesting games of the holiday season, plus big releases like the PlayStation VR. Best of luck navigating the rush - we'll be right there with you.

Watch Dogs 2 Covers the Assassin's Creed Slot This Year

LINK: "For a game about hacking, there really wasn't much you could do in the first Watch Dogs. Most of your options simply amounted to an on-off switch for door locks, street lights, and automated bridges. Expanding upon that is imperative. In Watch Dogs 2, you can still hack into citizen's phones, but you can do more than just view their information. Now you can help them, set them up to be arrested, or use their phone's speaker as a distraction. Vehicles can be hacked and driven remotely for a quick getaway. And the addition of Marcus' drone extends the reach of your hacking capabilities." - Mike Williams

Final Fantasy XV is Actually Coming Out. Finally.

LINK: "While Final Fantasy XV amounts to Square dealing with the last remnants of Final Fantasy XIII's baggage, their willingness to take the series in a bold new direction definitely inspires confidence." - Bob Mackey

Dragon Quest Builders Makes a Fine Corners for the Series' American Reconstruction

LINK: "I realize Builders is far from being the game with the greatest hype this fall. It won't sell millions of copies. It's the kind of game that shows up on the USgamer front page and causes our publisher to say, "Really? This again?" More people are going to buy a polished-up version of Skyrim, a game they played to death five years ago, than they are the totally fresh and original Builders, I'd wager." - Jeremy Parish

Civilization VI Will Build on a Timeless Formula Without Straying too Far From Its Core

LINK: "Firaxis has demonstrated their strategy chops time and again; and while Civilization Beyond Earth was a disappointment, they're back on more familiar ground with the core Civilization series. Most promising of all is that Civilization VI is taking the opposite approach to its predecessor, which was initially bent on streamlining its features and strategy as much as possible (it got better). Civilization VI isn't straying too far from the franchise's basic concepts, but it is taking a number of interesting risks with the formula, which ought to keep it fresh for years to come. And that's all without the inevitable expansions." - Kat Bailey

The Last Guardian is Totally Real, and I Totally Played It

LINK: "While 30 minutes of The Last Guardian isn't nearly enough time to draw a comprehensive conclusion-I didn't fight a single enemy, for instance-my time with it definitely had me walking away happy. Most importantly, it didn't feel like a last-generation project hastily refurbished to make back some of its development costs: What I played doesn't look astoundingly different from its seven-year-old E3 trailer, yet it also doesn't look like a remastered version of a PS3 game." - Bob Mackey

Five Major Multiplayer Shooters

LINK: "Those who enjoy multiplayer battles are spoiled for choice this Fall, with five potential blockbusters being dropped over the next couple of months that feature major PvP components. Here's a rundown of them all." - Jaz Rignall

Forza Horizon 3 is Bigger and Better Than Ever

LINK: "What I particularly like about Forza Horizon 3's racing is that along with a myriad of preset championships, there's a new Blueprint Mode that enables you to create your own races. You're able to define the style of race, choose routes, set the time of day, and decide which cars are allowed to participate. This basically gives you the freedom to race whatever car you want, wherever you want. Setting up a race is an absolute breeze, and I created couple of championships for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI that I bought at my first Forza Horizon event that essentially matched Japanese rally cars against one another. It made for some close and competitive racing featuring cars that I really love." - Jaz Rignall

Pokemon Sun and Moon Grant Us a Change of Scenery

LINK: "Kat and I are USGamer's Pokémon masters, and I think it's safe to say we're both pretty excited for Pokémon Sun and Moon (feel free to lob a Master Ball at my head if I'm wrong about this one, Kat). Granted, we were both a little apathetic towards the new game at first, but I gradually found myself warming to the game with each new reveal and each new bite of information about Alola. The Alolan forms really spark new life into some of my old favorites. I mean, Alolan Raichu has a surfer's tan, and it uses its own tail as a board. Come on!" - Nadia Oxford

Rez Infinite Appears to be the Best of the PlayStation VR Launch Lineup

LINK: "As for myself, I'm intrigued by Rez Infinite and EVE Valkyrie, but not so much that I'm willing to spend $400 or more on a PSVR. Ultimately, the broader public's willingness to take a chance and make that leap will determine whether the PlayStation VR ends up sizzling or fizzling when it launches next month." - Kat Bailey

Dishonored 2 Offers Equal Opportunity Stealth Kills

LINK: "Dishonored 2 is building on that, offering even more choices to the player. Sure, you could kill the guard below, but if they're sympathetic, then you've made your life harder elsewhere. If you kill someone, bloodflies will gather around the body, which can alert other guards. Perhaps it's better to let that guard live and find another way around. Or perhaps you can use a non-lethal takedown to dispatch the target. I play and replay Dishonored for the choices - most of which involve murder of some sort - that are spread out in front of me." - Mike Williams

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