Fall Guys: Server Connection Error Explained

Fall Guys: Server Connection Error Explained

We show you what's causing connection issues for Fall Guys and what you can do about it.

If you've been playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown, you've possibly encountered some kind of server or connection error. We'll explain the server connection error issue here, as well as the best steps to take if you're encountering this glitch regularly.

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Server Connection Error Explained in Fall Guys

If you're getting connection errors in Fall Guys, right now it's likely a server error caused by an excess of players on Mediatonic's servers. This means that too many people are playing Fall Guys for the game to actually cope with it, though a tweet from the developer itself assures us that they're working on the issue and will hopefully fix it soon.

Server Connection Fixes

If you're having connection errors, we can only suggest you check your internet connection to make sure that there's no problem with the online component at your end (and if you're reading this guide at all, there probably isn't). Otherwise we reiterate that the issue is more than likely to be server overload, with too many players trying to use the servers at one time. We'll be sure to update this guide accordingly, but for now that's the best advice we can offer. Make sure to check back regularly if you're still having trouble.

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