Fallout 3 Mod Restores Tons of Cut Content to the Game

Fallout 3 Mod Restores Tons of Cut Content to the Game

Rise from your grave, Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 is one of the most beloved entries in the Fallout franchise. Some fans argue it still surpasses 2015's Fallout 4. Maybe that's the case, but maybe you need to lean back and ask yourself, "Is Fallout 3 really better than Fallout 4, or am I just salty about the fact I've scoured every inch of the Capital Wasteland and have no reason to return?" Well, now you can find out for sure: A new mod called Fallout 3 Simply Uncut gives you a decent reason to replay Fallout 3.

Simply Uncut revives dozens of NPCs, weapons, and pieces of armor that were left on the cutting room floor when Fallout 3 went gold 10 years ago(!). In a sense, this ambitious mod revives Fallout 3's dead characters like so many zombies. Imagine being pulled from the digital afterlife to populate a radiation-blasted hellscape. Welcome to D.C. Life sucks. Get a radiation suit.

"Happy birthday! How do you feel about going back to the Unhappiest Place on Earth?"

Simply Uncut, which is the work of "kvatchcount," was uploaded yesterday onto Nexus Mods. You need the following DLC packs to make it work: Broken Steel, Mothership Zeta, Operation: Anchorage, and Point Lookout.

Fallout 3 fans had their hearts broken last month when Bethesda shut down The Capital Wasteland Project, an undertaking that sought to rebuild Fallout 3 within Fallout 4. If you're still mourning its loss, at least Simply Uncut gives you reason to fire up Fallout 3 again and re-visit some old friends—and make new ones.

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