Fallout 4: The Heavy Weapon Forge

Fallout 4: The Heavy Weapon Forge

How to build the Heavy Weapon Forge in Fallout 4.

This guide will show players how to build the Heavy Weapon Forge in Fallout 4, a device introduced by Bethesda with the Contraptions DLC.

When it comes to building a manufacturing device in Fallout 4, some are useful and some seem to be a bit more than the average player would need. For example, we found the Armor Forge and Weapon Forge to be useful in our quest to arm our settlers. When it comes to the Fallout 4 Heavy Weapon Forge, however, it’s a bit of a stretch to see why you’d need to mass produce something like a Fatman. Still, players in Fallout 4 have impressed us with their imagination time and time again, so we’ll show you how to build it, and hopefully you’ll find a few new and exciting ways to blow up the Commonwealth.

Heavy Weapon Forge

Open your Workbench and browse to Power > Manufacturing > Machinery. This is where you’ll find the Heavy Weapon Forge. You’ll Need Gun Nut Rank 3 to build it, and you’ll have to have a few crafting components on hand as well. Specifically, Circuitry x 3, Gear x 3, Rubber x 3 and Steel x 10. Assuming you meet those requirements, you can build your Heavy Weapon Forge, placing it anywhere that you want so long as there’s enough space.

There are two other categories under the Power > Manufacturing section, and those are Miscellaneous and Conveyor Belts. Conveyor Belts are useful if you want to get crazy and transport your product from the Heavy Weapon Forge to something like a Conveyor Storage or Hopper. All of these devices are purely optional. The only thing you need (from Power > Manufacturing) is the Heavy Weapon Forge.

This screenshot gives you an idea of how complex you can get with the Heavy Weapon Forge.

When you’ve placed your Heavy Weapon Forge (and whatever else you desire), you’ll need to move on to building the brains of the operation, and providing everything with electricity. Start by going to Power > Miscellaneous and placing a Terminal near the device. Next, select a Switched Power Pylon (any switch will do) from Power > Connectors and Switches, and place it between the Heavy Weapon Forge and the Terminal. Lastly, under Power > Generators you’ll have to select a generator (or series of generators) that will provide at least 16 Power. You may need more if you used devices like the Conveyor Belt Lift (Power 2) or Hopper (Power 3). The 16 Power that we mentioned is just for the Terminal and Heavy Weapon Forge, essential items to the build.

With everything placed, run wires from the generator(s) to the Terminal, and from the Terminal to the Switched Power Pylon. Run one more wire from the Switched Power Pylon to the Heavy Weapon Forge. Again, if you added in any additional devices that require more power, you’ll have to run wires to them as well.

This probably goes without saying, but it can't be wise leaving this many Fatman's on the ground.

If everything powers up, leave the Workbench view and use the Terminal. You should see a listing for the Heavy Weapon Forge. If you select that option, a list of things that you can build will populate. This list depends on your perks. If you have Gun Nut Rank 3 and Science Rank 4, you will have choices like the Missile Launcher, Minigun, Fatman, Gatling Laser and Gauss Rifle. We went with the Fatman. Select what you would like to build to see a list of crafting components that you need to do so, then back out of the Terminal.

Gather up the crafting components needed to build your desired weapon, and then add them to the Heavy Weapon Forge like you would any other container. If the machine has power, it should start to produce what you selected. If it doesn’t, turn the Switched Power Pylon off and on again. That should do it.

Assuming you followed all of our steps correctly, you should now have a fully functional Heavy Weapon Forge in Fallout 4.

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