Fallout 4: All Islander's Almanac Magazine Locations

Find all five issues of Islander's Almanac Magazine.

This guide will show players all five Islander’s Almanac Magazine locations in the Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC.

As was the case in the main Fallout 4 game, collecting magazines will award players perks that can help their character survive. This turns finding each of the Islander’s Almanac Magazine issues from a simple collectible hunt, into a worthwhile journey in the interest of character progression. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a trophy or achievement for your trouble. Collect all five issues of the Islander’s Almanac Magazine and you’ll earn The Islander’s Almanac trophy/achievement.

How to Start the Far Harbor DLC

For those that aren’t sure how to get into the DLC, it’s not overly difficult. You don’t have to beat the main quests for Fallout 4, but you do have to complete one called Fallout 4: Getting a Clue. This is where you meet Nick Valentine, and knowing him is essential to starting the first quest in Far Harbor.

After you complete Getting a Clue, you need to make sure you have the DLC installed on the platform that you’re choosing to play it. If you do, open up your Pip-Boy and navigate to your quest list under Data. Make sure you’re tracking a quest called Far From Home. This will allow you to see the objectives, the first of which requires you to tune into Valentine's Detective Agency Radio. From there you just continue to follow the objectives. Soon, you’ll be in Far Harbor hunting down your first issue of Islander’s Almanac Magazine.

Islander’s Almanac Magazine Locations

Far Harbor’s Sightseer Guide: The first Islander’s Almanac Magazine is found inside The Last Plank. It’s on a table at the back right from where you enter.

Recipe Roundup: This Islander’s Almanac Magazine is found at the National Park Visitor’s Center. Find it sitting on the counter in the main building.

Children of the Atom Expose: An issue of the Islander’s Almanac Magazine is in Acadia. Go up the steps and through the door, then take a right.

Pincer Dodge: Find this issue of the Islander’s Almanac Magazine at the Northwood Ridge Quarry. Head inside, finding the issue between two beds.

Precision Hunting: The final Islander’s Almanac Magazine is found at Brooke’s Head Lighthouse. Go to the top of the lighthouse and find it next to a vase.

That’s all five issues of the Islander’s Almanac Magazine in Far Harbor, but you can continue collecting Magazines in Fallout 4 with our guide to that quest.

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