Fallout 4: Build the Food Processor

Fallout 4: Build the Food Processor

How to build the Food Processor in Fallout 4.

This guide will show players how to build the Food Processor in Fallout 4, one of the new machines that Bethesda added to the game with the Contraptions DLC.

Going through the list of food that players can mass produce with the Food Processor, there aren’t a lot of good options there. In fact, the only real purpose for this device might be to produce food that you can then sell to vendors for caps. Still, our settlement needed one of every machine (because reasons) that came with Contraptions, so it’s safe to assume that your massive factory project will require the same.

This is a basic configuration to help players understand how to build a Food Processor.

The Food Processor in Fallout 4 is capable of producing Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese, Cram, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, InstaMash, Pork n’ Beans, Potato Crisps, Salisbury Steak, Sugar Bombs and Yum Yum Deviled Eggs. Most (if not all) of those will give you some Rads, so it might be better to get your food from the creatures that you slay in the Commonwealth, then prepare the meat at a Cooking Station. As we mentioned, however, the Food Processor could be used to produce items that can be sold to vendors.

Food Processor

Bring up the Workbench view at one of your settlements, then browse to Power > Manufacturing > Machinery. Scroll until you find the Food Processor, and then place it somewhere with a bit of room. We advise that you then place down some Conveyor Belts (Power > Manufacturing > Conveyor Belts) to transport your goods, plus a Conveyor Storage (Power > Manufacturing > Miscellaneous) to hold them until you’re ready to collect. All these pieces should snap together, and then it’s on to the next phase of your build.

Place a Terminal (Power > Miscellaneous) near the Food Processor, then a Switch between your Terminal and Food Processor. Lastly, this build will require a total of 6 Power, so you can either go with a bigger generator (10 Power), or two that produce 3 Power each. The choice is yours.

You don't have to use Conveyor Belts or Storage. You could use a bathtub to catch your goods.

With all of the devices placed, you need to run wires to get electricity flowing through your machine. This is done by connecting wires from Generator(s) > Terminal > Switch > Food Processor. Your final build should see the following configuration: Generator(s) > Terminal > Switch > Food Processor > Conveyor Belts > Conveyor Storage. In fact, we’ve even included an image for you to see what the build should look like. You can add or remove Conveyor Belts, and hide your wires using Power Conduits in Fallout 4, but this should give you a basic idea of how things need to be connected.

Now that everything is operational, you can start to add ingredients to your Food Processor so that your machine will produce goods. The ingredients vary, and you can find the ones that you require by looking up the Food Processor, and then the food you want to manufacture in the Terminal. We went with Sugar Bombs to test it out. Add the ingredients you require and make sure your Switch is turned on. You should start to see food pumping out of your Food Processor in a few seconds. If you don’t, try turning the Switch off and back on. That’s worked for us several times.

You might find a use for the Food Processor, but we think you might also see value in building the Ammunition Plant in Fallout 4.

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