Fallout 4: Build the Pyrotechnics Mill

Fallout 4: Build the Pyrotechnics Mill

How to build the Pyrotechnics Mill.

This guide will show players how to build the Pyrotechnics Mill in Fallout 4, part of the Contraptions DLC recently released by Bethesda.

The Commonwealth is a dangerous place, and for those that like to stop at a settlement and relax during the night, the Pyrotechnics Mill is likely for you. It doesn’t have a lot of usefulness besides Clearing the Weather in Fallout 4, but it’s still fun to build and use.

Pyrotechnics Mill

We're pumping out fireworks at an alarming rate, although we're not quite sure why.

Unlike other machinery that we’ve been showing you how to build lately, the Pyrotechnics Mill won’t require any special perks. You just have to have the supplies. You’ll need Circuitry x 2, Gear x 3, Rubber x 4 and Steel x 10.

Assuming you have the resources, open your Workbench and browse to Power > Manufacturing > Machinery. Place the Pyrotechnics Mill, and then consider placing a series of Conveyor Belts, or maybe even a Conveyor Storage, depending on how crazy you feel like getting with the design. Those devices can also be found under power, but under Conveyor Belts and Miscellaneous respectively. They should just snap together, and when you’re done you should have a device that features a Pyrotechnics Mill > Conveyor Belt > Conveyor Storage.

You’re going to want to supply this machine with Electricity. Build a Generator that will supply at least 4 Power, placing it near the Pyrotechnics Mill. We like to build a Switch to turn the device on and off, and you must build a Terminal (Power > Miscellaneous) if you want to be able to program the Pyrotechnics Mill.

With everything laid out, run wires from Generator > Terminal > Switch > Pyrotechnics Mill. This will be the end of the building, and you should now see a connection as follows. Generator > Terminal > Switch > Pyrotechnics Mill > Conveyor Belts > Conveyor Storage. If yours looks like ours, it should be fully functional.

The Pyrotechnics Mill is capable of pumping out quite a large variety of fireworks, but all of them are made up of Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1 and Fertilizer x 1, which is a pretty sweet deal as far as resources go. Add the crafting components to the Pyrotechnics Mill as you would any container, and then select what you want to build from the Terminal. If it doesn’t start pumping them out right away, turn the Switch off and back on again. That should do it.

Using your fireworks will require a Fireworks Mortar or Fireworks Mortar (Angled), both of which are found under Power > Miscellaneous, and both of which require Wood x 2, Steel x 2 and Asbestos x 1 to create. Build whatever one you desire, and then connect them to a Generator. Any amount of power is fine.

This image will show you how we have our Pyrotechnics Mill configured with its power supply.

Once you’ve started to manufacture various types of fireworks, take them out of the Conveyor Storage and place them into your Fireworks Mortar. You can program this device to work on a timer using any Terminal on the same power grid, or just let the mortar fire away at will. Either way, your skies will soon be filled with fireworks. We’re sure the Raiders won’t see that from miles away.

That’s all it takes to build and use the Pyrotechnics Mill, but you should probably add an Ammunition Plant and Armor Forge for good measure.

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