Fallout 4: How to Get December’s Child

Fallout 4: How to Get December’s Child

Convince KYE 1.1 to give up December’s Child.

This guide will show players how to obtain December’s Child. A unique Combat Rifle in Fallout 4: Far Harbor. This weapon’s legendary modification is listed as lighter and uses 5.56 ammo, 25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload.

Players will find December’s Child at the Vim! Pop factory in Far Harbor. It’s most easily obtained by doing a quest called Best Left Forgotten. After you snag DiMA’s Memory #5 and exit the Nucleus, you will be asked to head to the Vim! Pop factory to complete another part of the quest. However, players who know where the Vim! Pop factory is can grab December’s Child at any time, so long as they have access to the Far Harbor DLC.

The Vim! Pop factory is southeast of the Nucleus, just in case you weren't sure.

The Vim! Pop factory is full of Super Mutants and Mutant Hounds, plus one very large Behemoth who seems safely locked away. You’ll want to clear them all out (Behemoth optional) before you go running around looking for treasure, but the Best Left Forgotten Quest will make sure this happens naturally.

What you’re looking for is an area with two very large mixing vats, and a catwalk that will take you to some rooms on the second level. For December’s Child, stay on the first level and hack the terminal that gives you access to the elevator. Take a ride and you’ll be in an area where you can dig up a grave (assuming you are completing Best Left Forgotten).

Beyond the grave is a room that is locked. If you use the terminal there you can speak to an AI called KYE 1.1. If you can pass a medium speech check KYE 1.1 will open the door for you, and December’s Child will be on a table at the back of the room. If you can’t pass the speech check, KYE 1.1 will open the door if you have Nick Valentine as your companion.

Once the door is open KYE 1.1 will go to sleep. There is talk that if you were to leave without getting December’s Child, the door will close and the weapon will be unobtainable from that point forward. We left and came back and were able to get in, although we were still in the same session. If you log out of the game and reload later, you might be out of luck.

We've heard that the door KYE 1.1 opens can close later, but so far it's still open for us.

PC players could try opening the door using console commands. Press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console, then use your mouse to click on the door you want to open. From there, type Unlock and press the Enter key. We’re not sure if that trick will work on this door, but if you’re staring at December’s Child from behind a locked gate, it’s worth a shot.

December’s Child isn’t our favorite weapon, so if you’re looking for something better from Far Harbor, you might want to try Atom’s Judgement or The Striker.

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