Fallout 4: How to Get Old Reliable

Fallout 4: How to Get Old Reliable

Is Old Reliable the best gun in the game?

This guide will show players how to get the Old Reliable Lever-Action Rifle in Fallout 4: Far Harbor.

Fallout 4 has a lot of interesting weapons and armor pieces, but few stand alone as possibly being the best in the game. For a long time, we felt strongly that the Overseer’s Guardian was the best weapon in Fallout 4, so it doesn’t come as a shock that a new candidate shares the same special feature - shooting one additional projectile per round.

How to Get Old Reliable

In order to add Old Reliable to your arsenal of weapons, you’ll need the Far Harbor DLC. That part is not optional. Assuming you have it, work your way through the main part of the story until you reach Far Harbor and begin a quest called Walk in the Park. This involves following Old Longfellow as he takes you to Acadia.

Once you enter the observatory, turn right and go through another door. It will lead to a stairwell that can take you down two additional levels. Go down one level and look for an NPC named Dejen. He is the vendor that will sell Old Reliable to you, which so far is the only known way that you can get this weapon. If for one reason or another Dejen is no longer alive, Old Reliable will not be attainable.

In addition to purchasing Old Reliable, grab all of the .45-70 ammunition that he has in stock. This is the ammunition the weapon uses, and it is only found and sold on this island. You should be able to get it from various vendors, but you won’t find it anywhere else in the game once you leave Far Harbor.

Old Reliable -vs- Overseer’s Guardian

From a strictly damage perspective, Old Reliable is the go-to weapon between the two. In the video by JV2017 that we’ve embedded, Old Reliable can surpass 200 damage, while the Overseer’s Guardian is going to max out at about 147. The two weapons share the same special perk, so in that way they are equals. Where we tend to lean more towards the Overseer’s Guardian is in functionality. It is far more versatile and can be used in almost any combat situation.

Additionally, the .45 ammunition that the Overseer’s Guardian takes is far more common in Fallout 4 than the .45-70 rounds that Old Reliable takes. Using Old Reliable too often will mean frequent trips back to Far Harbor to stock up, rather than just naturally finding what you need scattered about the wasteland.

Our advice is to mod Old Reliable to be your sniper rifle. It’s going to do a crazy amount of damage, and the lever-action won’t be a problem if you’re sitting back and sniping from a distance. This lets you keep your Overseer’s Guardian for when it’s time to move in and clean up the leftovers. Toss on the Mister Sandman perk to increase the sneak attack damage of your silenced weapons, and you’ll wonder how you managed to live without Old Reliable until now.

Looking for more cool stuff in Fallout 4: Far Harbor. Grab the Marine Combat Armor to go with your new lever-action rifle, Old Reliable.

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