Fallout 4: How to Open the Cryolator Case

Fallout 4: How to Open the Cryolator Case

Right and wrong ways to open the Cryolator Case.

This guide will show you how to unlock the Cryolator Case found in the second main story mission of Fallout 4, Out of Time. This weapon can only be obtained after you have ranked up certain perks and attributes, or by using some fancy PC codes to get it long before you were supposed to.

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Console Players

You're not going to like this, but you're going to have to be at least Level 18, and have your Perception attribute at Level 4. You're also going to have to get your Locksmith Perk all the way to Rank 3, which will the allow you to pick Master level locks.

When you meet the requirements, head back to Vault 111, just a short distance away from Sanctuary. You can activate the vault from a small control room nearby, and then step on the center it to be lowered back down. It's just as creepy as it was way back when you left it during the campaign's second mission, but there aren't any threats down here that you need to worry about.

This case will tease players early in the game, but PC players can get the last laugh.

Back track to where you found your first weapon, close to the desk with the dead doctor and terminal. The Cryolator Case is inside a cage just a few feet away, and so long as you have some Bobby Pins you should be able to hack it and pick up your shiny new weapon.

PC Players

Of course, you can go about things in the same manner that we described above, and that is the honest way to get the job done. However, you can also use your PC voodoo to open the case.

Move close to the case and press your tilde key (~) to open the command line. Now, click on the Cryolator Case and type the word unlock in. If the case doesn't open, try pressing Enter to execute the command. This should deliver the Cryolator to you long before almost everyone else in the game. The question is, do you feel good about yourself? Just kidding, enjoy the weapon.

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