Fallout 4: Infinite Caps and Materials Glitch on PS4, PC and Xbox One

Fallout 4: Infinite Caps and Materials Glitch on PS4, PC and Xbox One

The infinite caps glitch explained.

This guide will show you how to get infinite caps in Fallout 4, as well as buy anything you want in the game, no matter the cost. This can lead to you having a nearly unlimited supply of materials to create your various settlements, thousands of rounds of ammunition for each gun, and an always increasing number of caps in your inventory. With just a few seconds of work you’ll be able to buy everything that every vendor in the game has in stock. Well, at least until Bethesda patches it.

UPDATE: As of Patch 1.02, the original infinite caps glitch has been patched on all platforms and no longer works. However, a new exploit has been discovered, which we will outline below. We will continue to update this article if the status of this glitch changes.

Chemistry Station Glitch (1.02 Update)

To perform this exploit, you must side with the Brotherhood of Steel and continue working with them pretty far into their quest series. You must align with the Brotherhood long enough to board the Prydwen and receive side quests from Proctor Ingram.

Step 1: Speak with Proctor Ingram to receive a quest where she asks you to collect Reactor Coolant. You will receive a list of crafting ingredients, which can be used to gather materials and craft the Reactor Coolant at a chemistry station.

Step 2: Start to look for the crafting items on the list. These include: a gas canister (1), nuclear material (2), anti-freeze (3), and dirty water (5). All of these items can be salvaged or purchased from certain vendors. If you happen to run into a Super Mutant Suicider, they will drop two pieces of nuclear material upon death. Just try not to get blown up in the process.

Step 3: Once you have gathered the necessary crafting materials, return to the Prydwen. Locate a Chemistry Station on the Command Deck and prepare to craft the Reactor Coolant. Access the Chemistry Station, and select the Reactor Coolant recipe within the Utility category.

Step 4: Scroll over to the Reactor Coolant, but don't cook it just yet. To perform the glitch, you must press the Cook and Back buttons at the same time (X and O on PS4, A and B on XBOX One). Both buttons must be pressed at exactly the same time for the glitch to work.

Step 5: After pressing both the Cook and Back buttons, you should see a category menu pop up in the background, with the Make Reactor Coolant screen overlaying on the foreground. Press Make (X or A) to craft the Reactor Coolant. If the glitch worked, none of your materials will be used to craft the coolant.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to continue making as much Reactor Coolant as you wish. As long as you are repeating the correct steps, this shouldn't cost you any materials. When you're ready, return to Proctor Ingram to hand in the coolant. She will pay you for each unit of Reactor Coolant you crafted. Depending on how much coolant you made, this glitch can easily earn you over 30,000 Bottlecaps in about 10 minutes.

The Ammo Glitch

Update: This is an older glitch that no longer works as of Patch 1.02. For an updated glitch, read the Chemistry Station exploit above.

You can do this with any vendor, but we started with Arturo in Diamond City because he sells lots of different kinds of ammunition. Travel to him, and then begin the bartering process. When you can see his list of ammunition you’ll be ready to perform the glitch.

Step 1: Buy all of Arturo’s .308 ammunition. For argument’s sake, let’s say he has 15 rounds of it. Do not press the Accept button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Navigate to your side of the bartering screen and select the exact 15 round pile of .308 ammunition that you got from Arturo and sell one round of it back to him. Do not press the Accept button.

Step 3: Select the same pile of .308 ammunition that you got from Arturo, which should now show that you only have 14 rounds, and sell it all back to him. You should notice that you still have one round of .308 ammunition in that pile on your side of the bartering screen. Do not press the Accept button.

Step 4: Click on that single .308 round and sell it back to Arturo until he doesn’t have any caps left to give you. You could press Accept here and make off with all his caps, but we have a better idea. Again, do not press the Accept button.

Step 5: Navigate back to Arturo’s side of the bargaining screen and select his pile of .308 ammunition. You need to ensure that you have enough caps to buy it all. Buy it all, and then do it over and over again until it shows you that you are going to earn millions of caps, far more than Arturo can afford. Do not press Accept.

Step 6: Browse through Arturo’s inventory and buy everything you want, never pressing Accept. Seriously, buy all of his ammunition (excluding the .308 pile), junk, weapons, armor and anything else you want. It’s a really good idea to buy the shipments of various materials, as they don’t have a weight and you can use them to increase the materials you have for crafting. When you have taken everything you want from Arturo, press the Accept button to complete the glitch.

Step 7: Repeat this with any vendor in the game, using any ammunition type that you want. Also, keep in mind that our example that Arturo only had 15 rounds of .308 was just that. You will obviously see a different number when you do this. The key is to buy it all, sell one round back, and then sell the rest back. If you still show one round leftover at that point, the glitch is active and you can continue. If you don’t, leave the bartering screen and begin again.

Because we know that some of you are visual kind of people, we have embedded a video to show you this glitch working. We have seen it work on PC, Xbox One and PS4, so if you can work your way through the process, all of the caps and gear in Fallout 4 are yours. Just make sure that you do this soon (and often), because there is little doubt that Bethesda will patch it.

For more information on Fallout 4, visit USgamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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