Fallout 4: Institutionalized - Meet the Division Leaders, Shaun, Ending

Fallout 4: Institutionalized - Meet the Division Leaders, Shaun, Ending

Use the Network Scanner Holotape.

This guide will help you to complete the final main quest in Fallout 4, Institutionalized. In this quest, players will find out what happened to Shaun, as well as get the ending to the main story. It’ not a tough quest by any means, but the objective that requires you to meet the division leaders can be tricky in terms of navigation. We’ve got you covered, however.

Enter the Elevator

This quest will begin as soon as you complete Fallout 4: The Molecular Level. When you arrive, spend a moment roaming, as well as stealing all of the Aid that you can find. When you’re ready, move forward and step into the elevator. Our objective pointed to a console, but we were tracking the wrong quest. You’ll want to make sure your Pip-Boy is set to track Institutionalized, otherwise you’re going to get lost very quickly.

After your elevator ride, follow the narrow corridors until you reach another elevator. Step on and press the button, riding up until you reach a room with a little boy locked inside. Talk to him however you wish, as you’ll soon be interrupted by the leader of the Institute, Father.

You can say what you want to this man, but we highly advise that you do not engage him combat until you have sorted out his true identity. In fact, we’re not entirely sure he can be killed, so just keep your gun on your back and enjoy the chat. Ask him what you’d like, and when you’re done talking you’ll have the answers you’ve been fighting so hard to uncover.

Meet the Division Leaders

This is a pain if you don’t know where to look, so we’re going to list the people you need to meet, and tell you where to find them in an order that makes sense. Start by exiting the area that you were talking to Father in and looking for a spiral staircase. Take these stairs all the way to the bottom level, to an area where there is an elevator in the middle. It sort of looks like a tube.

Allie Filmore: You can meet the Chief Engineer in this open area, although she does like to wander around. Our advice is to just stay in the middle and wait until you see her. If you are tracking this quest, she should actually show up with an objective marker on her head. Chat her up, and then let’s get back to business.

Doctor Clayton Holdren: As you are wandering around the main area, you should see signs that point to the various divisions of the Institute. Once you have spotted the Bioscience division, go through the doors and chat with Doctor Clayton Holdren. When you’re done, head back to the main area of the Institute.

Justin Ayo: You can find this person in the Synth Retention Bureau, which is also known as SRB. This conversation was a little less pleasant for us, but we gave as much attitude as we received. When you’re done, make your way back to the main area with the elevator in the center.

Use the Network Scanner Holotape

Find yourself any terminal that you an access, then press the button indicated at the bottom of your screen to Load Holotape. You’ll get a list that you can choose from, and you’ll want to select the Network Scanner. Doing this will complete the final main quest in Fallout 4.

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