Fallout 4: Jewel of the Commonwealth - Diamond City

Fallout 4: Jewel of the Commonwealth - Diamond City

Find Diamond City and speak with Valentine.

This guide will show you how to complete Jewel of the Commonwealth, the third main story mission from Fallout 4. During this sequence of events, players will travel to Diamond City in search of answers. There won’t be much violence when they reach Diamond City, but traveling there can be a bit of a pain. If you have unlocked any of the surrounding areas, you can fast travel from Sanctuary to somewhere a bit closer, making this adventure a little shorter (and safer).

Go to Diamond City

We started to tell you that this was the easy part, but it’s actually the most difficult part of the entire mission. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re wandering the wastelands, so it’s best that you bring your dog (Dogmeat) with you. He can be just the distraction that you need to get through some sticky situations.

Of course, if you have unlocked areas that are close to the Diamond City waypoint on your map, you can just fast travel there and then make the short trek to your objective. There are Raiders all around the streets that surround Diamond City, so move slowly and keep an eye out for trouble.

When you arrive, talk to Piper at the front gate and agree to help her fool the guard. It won’t take any effort at all, and soon you’ll be inside the city walls, which is really just Fenway Park in Boston.

Diamond City is a fantastic place to trade junk, or even find some easy side quests to complete.

Find Information about Shaun

Finding information about Shaun is an easily completed objective. All you really need to do is walk around the Diamond City market and ask questions from all of the vendors. Even if this wasn’t an objective, we’d advise that you do it anyway, as there is a lot to see and do here.

We spoke to Nat (Piper’s little sister) just inside the gate. She was selling newspapers on the left side of the market as we arrived. Ask her about the Institute, tell her about Shaun, and chat about Synths. If you play your cards right, you can ask her about someone who can help, completing your current objective.

Before you move on to the next task, take our advice and browse around the area a bit. Just be sure not to go through doors that have red text on them, or steal things that are the same color. If you do (and you’re caught), you’ll find the entire community coming after you. At least perform a quick save before you try something sketchy like that.

Go to Valentine’s Detective Agency

If you played your cards right with Nat you should have a waypoint on your screen that will lead you to the door of Valentine Detective Agency. If you didn’t, you can talk to other vendors and residents of Diamond City to get the same waypoint. If you don’t see it, open your Pip-Boy and browse to Data, and then ensure that Jewel of the Commonwealth is your tracked quest. That should do the trick.

Head inside the detective agency and you’ll find Ellie Perkins, Valentine’s secretary. It seems the man you’re looking for is missing. Continue to chat with Ellie, asking questions to get more information. When you get the opportunity, tell Ellie that you’ll find Nick Valentine, Completing Jewel of the Commonwealth.

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