Fallout 4's New Vegas Mod Overhauls More Than Just Graphics

Fallout 4's New Vegas Mod Overhauls More Than Just Graphics

Fallout 4: New Vegas is an upcoming massive mod that recreates New Vegas in the land of Fallout 4.

It's been a little while since the massive Fallout 4: New Vegas mod project was announced. The movement is a widespread collection of more than 100 modders, seeking to recreate Fallout: New Vegas' environment of The Mojave Wasteland as much as possible within Fallout 4's Creation Engine. That means visually, mechanically, even throwing in the game's original story.

It's very ambitious, which almost feels like that statement is putting it mildly. Now the vast mod has a new trailer, featuring the game's modded perk system, tweaked destruction physics, and surprise surprise: the Obsidian RPG's opening town of Goodsprings, now in Fallout 4's crisp HD.

As PC Gamer reported, there's no firm release date for the expansive mod, and the mod team is always recruiting new people to help create and tweak assets for the undertaking.

Fallout: New Vegas, in the past, has been no stranger to its own intense modding community. As an eight-year-old game, it's remained a darling for the mod community. That's also because being an older game, it comes with some rougher edges than Fallout 4. With Fallout 4: New Vegas, maybe it's a chance for New Vegas to shine at the forefront of even more RPG fans' minds again.

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