Fallout 4: Out of Time - Greet the Dog, Dogmeat

Fallout 4: Out of Time - Greet the Dog, Dogmeat

Learn to command your new dog.

This mission will begin as soon as the prologue ends, and players will have to start by exiting the Cryo Pod that they’ve been in. You will be given an objective the moment that you do, but feel free to ignore it for now and take care of some other business.

Exit Vault 111

Across from your Cryo Pod will be your partner’s, and to the right of that will be the control panel. Press the button to open the hatch, and then again to speak to your partner. This should add a Wedding Ring to your inventory.

Now it’s time to look for your objective, which shows up in the form of a marker at the bottom of your screen. Begin heading west and open the nearby door when you reach it, following the hall and taking the first door on your right. Continue to follow the corridor, taking note of a glass window on the left and some bugs inside. Your objective is straight ahead, but the open room on your right has a Stimpak sitting on the desk. This can be used to regenerate your health when you are injured.

Get back on the path by following your objectives, something we’re going to tell you to do quite often in this walkthrough. Each time you open a door you will be given a new objective marker, and after one or two more you’ll be introduced to the Radroach. There should be a melee weapon on the table, but you can use your fists if you didn’t spot it. Also, be sure to grab the Radroach Meat from the corpse - players can consume this to regenerate a small amount of health. This is often the case with mutated wildlife.

Feel free to explore any side rooms that you come across, but as you clear them you’ll want to get back to following the objectives on your screen and going through doors. There will be the odd Radroach, but you should have no trouble dispatching them with your fists. Shortly after you find a skeleton in a Vault 111 Jumpsuit, head through the door and up the stairs. After you kill the insects waiting for you, snag a drink of water from the fountain. This will also allow you to regenerate some health. Just keep drinking until you’re full.

You’ll find a 10mm Pistol in the next room, as well as some ammunition for that very gun. Grab both, as well as the three Stimpaks that are laying on the desk beside them. A nearby locker will have more guns and ammunition, as well as a Cryolater Case. You don’t have the skills to unlock it, but keep it in mind so that you can return and grab it when you do.

This isn't the vault, but it's a pretty good representation of the Commonwealth.

To leave this area you’ll need to use the Overseer’s Terminal on the desk. It’s right next to the body, and not far from where you grabbed the 10mm Pistol. Use it, browsing to the bottom and choosing to Open Evacuation Tunnel. That should open the door in front of you.

You’ll get a chance to use your gun on some insects as you continue along the linear path out of Vault 111, but it shouldn’t be overly difficult. Just keep moving until you get to an area that is familiar to you from when you entered the vault.

Move to the platform where the skeleton in the lab coat is laying, snagging your Pip-Boy from the severed arm next to the body. You actually have to pick up the Pip-Boy to progress the story, so don’t worry about missing out on this. When you’re ready, activate the Vault Door Controls, and then follow the waypoints on your screen to exit Vault 111. You will have an opportunity to change your name, special attributes and appearance before you leave, just in case you didn’t get it right in the prologue.

Go Home

As soon as you exit Vault 111 you will need to head home. It’s a short trip, and you can make it shorter by ignoring the path and just heading straight for the objective marker to the east. Around the front of your old home will be your robot, Codsworth.

Talk to Codsworth

Your conversation with Codsworth is completely up to you. You can ask what you’d like, and answer in the same manner. After you’re all caught up, it will be on to the next objective.

Search the Neighborhood with Codsworth

If Codsworth gets away from you a little, just look at the bottom of your screen for the objective marker. It should point to him. He will eventually lead you to a house with a Radroach or three, and your trusty robot will even engage them if he gets close enough. Of course, you have a pistol so you can pitch in and help out as well.

Investigate Concord

After the slaughter, talk to Codsworth again to progress the story forward. He will tell you that there are survivors in Concord, and even gives you directions on how to get there. They’re good directions, too, but you can just go around back of the house, and then head south to the wooden bridge that passes over the river.

Greet the Dog

This dog will be more useful than any weapon you have. Use him wisely.

Continue along the road until you reach a building with a Red Rocket sign on top. There will be a dog near the gas pumps, and obviously you’ll want to interact with him and make friends. The game will then give you a short tutorial about how you can command the dog, which will come in handy in just a few moments. Follow the tutorial to progress forward.

Soon after you complete the small tutorial, a group of Mole Rats will come after you where you found the dog. You can take them out with your pistol, and your dog should help you with this task. You can even use V.A.T.S. just to get the hang of things.

Continue along the road toward the objective marker at the bottom of your screen. Your dog should follow you, and soon you will discover Concord. Discovering locations is how you can unlock the game’s fast travel system. For example, your old home is located in Sanctuary, and Concord is just down the road. If you want to travel from one to the other, open your Pip-Boy to the map, and then use the fast travel option at the bottom of the screen. Just note that this sometimes won’t work if you’re in a building that requires you to load each time you enter or leave it.

No need to fast travel just yet. Simply move toward your objective and you’ll soon hear gunfire. You should be walking right up behind a few Raiders, and we took this opportunity to test out our dog’s skills. Look at the dog to command him, and then look at a Raider and tell him to attack. It’s quite effective, and we were able to clean up the others with our pistol.

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