Fallout 4: Outside the Wire - A Holotape for Ingram

Fallout 4: Outside the Wire - A Holotape for Ingram

Run a quick errand for Proctor Ingram.

This guide will quickly walk you through the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Outside the Wire. This quest happens concurrently with the Main Quest: Institutionalized. Although this quest is short and simple, its conclusion will have a direct impact on the game’s ending. If you have decided to stick with the Brotherhood of Steel faction and wish to follow through with their cause, then complete this quest to seal the deal.

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Insert Network Scanner Holotape Into Institute Terminal

Before your infiltration into the Institute, speak with Proctor Ingram. She will task you with stealing data from one of the Institute terminals using a holotape that she gives you. Depending on your work with other factions, you may have already received a similar holotape from a different faction as well.

Locate a terminal near the entrance to the Institute, within the relay area. Access the terminal, and load the Network Scanner holotape. If you are unsure which faction to side with or are curious about each factions’ motives, refer to our guide on determining the best faction in Fallout 4.

Give the Holotape to Proctor Ingram

Once the data is retrieved from the Institute terminal and loaded onto the holotape, you can complete the rest of Main Quest: Institutionalized if you wish. When you’re ready, leave the Institute and return to Proctor Ingram. Give Ingram the holotape, and she will take it to Proctor Quinlan for decryption. Afterwards, the quest concludes, ensuring your alliance with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Continue on to the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Liberty Reprimed, or head back to our Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide for more interesting Fallout 4 content.

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