Fallout 4: Pinned - Retrieve Wallace

Fallout 4: Pinned - Retrieve Wallace

A bit of persuasion can go a long way.

This guide will help you complete the Fallout 4 Institute Quest: Pinned. This quest becomes available after completing the previous Institute quest titled Mass Fusion. Follow the steps in this guide to help Father overcome another troubling situation.

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Speak to Father

At this point, you have proven your loyalty to the Institute and have gained Father’s trust. However, due to your involvement with other matters in the wasteland, Father feels you are particularly suitable for dealing with his next important task. Locate Father within the Institute and speak with him regarding a slight complication with another person of interest. Your task is to locate a scientist named Mr. Wallace, and bring him back to the Institute.

Reach the House

Relay out of the Institute and fast-travel to Greygarden, northwest of Cambridge Police Station. As you approach a small house nearby, you’ll notice several Minutemen stationed around the front of the property. If you want to reach Wallace, you’ll have to deal with the Minutemen first.

Speak to Minutemen Contact

How you proceed depends on whether you have worked with the Minutemen on previous missions. If you have not yet encountered the Minutemen on your journey, you will be met with Gunner opposition as you approach the homestead. However, since you have probably worked with the Minutemen at some point during your time in the wasteland, you will likely encounter several of them positioned outside the homestead, ready to attack.

If you have worked with the Minutemen before, you have the option to either aid them in attacking the house, or convince them to stand down. There are also several opportunities to persuade the Minutemen using dialogue options, which is a good way to earn extra experience points for those with a high Charisma ranking.

Eliminate the Opposition

If you choose to aid the Minutemen in the attack on the house, this will break your ties to the Institute, causing your relationship with the Institute faction to become hostile. Killing any Institute members in this process causes the Institute Quest: Banished From the Institute to start. Depending on how you dealt with the situation, eliminate any hostile forces and proceed to the next step.

Speak to Enrico Thompson

If you are still aligned with the Institute, finish your business outside and then enter the Greygarden Homestead. Speak with your Institute contact Enrico Thompson regarding the scientist.

Speak to Wallace

Wallace has locked himself within a side room nearby. Speak with Wallace through the door, and attempt to convince him to join the Institute. Use persuasive dialogue to either threaten him or calm him down. Be persistent, and you should be able to eventually convince Wallace to join the faction's cause.

Once you have calmed Wallace’s nerves, Enrico praises your efforts and agrees to bring the skeptical scientist back to the Institute. With the situation under control, the quest concludes.

Continue onto the next Institute Quest: Powering Up, or return to USGamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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