Fallout 4: Powering Up - Record the Broadcast

Fallout 4: Powering Up - Record the Broadcast

Prepare a broadcast for the Commonwealth citizens.

This guide will help players complete the steps in the Fallout 4 Institute Quest: Powering Up. Having this quest available means you have come a long way with the Institute, and are prepared to see their plans through to the end. Complete the steps of this faction quest to put the Institute’s plans into motion.

Speak to Father

This quest will begin once you have dealt with a person of interest in the Institute Quest: Pinned. Return to Father at the Institute, and speak with him regarding your next assignment. The Institute is now prepared to announce their presence to the people of the Commonwealth, in an effort to assert their dominance. To do so, Father asks you to record a speech that will be broadcasted across the airwaves of the wasteland.

Record the Speech

After speaking with Father, head over to the microphone and recording device in the corner of the room. Activate the microphone to begin recording the broadcast. You will be given the option to select certain parts of dialogue for the speech, shaping the tone of the overall message how you see fit.

Speak with Father

When you finish the recording, speak to Father once more to discuss how to proceed. Your next stop is Diamond City, where you will bring the recording to the local radio station. Relay out of the Institute and teleport to Diamond City, south of the C.I.T. building.

Diamond City Radio has a broad listener base, making this station the best option for reaching the highest number of Commonwealth citizens. However, their radio transmitter needs some slight modifications before it can transmit your recorded speech. From Diamond City Market, locate the trailer to Diamond City Radio just east of the Detective Agency building. Enter the radio station, and locate a crate full of radio parts on the floor.

Reconfigure the Transmitter

Approach the Radio Equipment Slot, and install each radio part that you took from the crate. Note that you must insert the parts in a particular order to increase the transmitter’s power charge, indicated by the green lights on the transmitter. Install the parts in this order: buttons, dials, then tubes.

Speak with Father

After fully powering the radio transmitter, return to the Institute. Enter the door to the Institute Advanced Systems division, and make your way towards the Reactor room indicated on your map. Walk up the metal walkway and locate Father, who is standing along the walkway in front of the main reactor. Speak with him to discuss the next steps of the plan.

Activate the Reactor

If all has gone according to plan, Father will ask you to officially activate the reactor to get the broadcast transmission underway. Open the reactor door and activate the reactor core. Then, access the computer terminal just outside the reactor, and enter the Reactor Status heading. Select “Initiate Reactor Startup Sequence” from the menu to activate the reactor.

Speak with Father

Now that the Reactor is up and running, speak with Father once more. Considering what you’ve accomplished for the Institute up to this point, Father feels you deserve to attend the Directorate meeting as acting director.

Attend the Directorate Meeting

Exit the Institute Advanced Systems division, and head upstairs to the conference room to attend the meeting. The Division leaders should already be seated waiting for you. Answer their questions regarding the future of the Institute, and discuss the plans for the events ahead.

During the meeting you must decide whether to focus on weapons development, or higher Synth production. Allocating resources to weapons development will allow for better arms in the fight ahead, while putting manpower towards Synth production will increase the defensive reinforcements available to you in the near future. Once the meeting is over, the quest concludes.

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