Fallout 4: Rockets’ Red Glare - Fly to the Prydwen

Fallout 4: Rockets’ Red Glare - Fly to the Prydwen

Help the Railroad take on a dangerous rival.

This guide provides a walkthrough of the Railroad Quest: Rockets’ Red Glare in Fallout 4. At this point, you are essentially in full support of the Railroad’s cause, and are ready to fulfill their primary goal. Complete each objective in this quest to eliminate one of the major threats to the Railroad.

This quest begins immediately after the conclusion of the previous Railroad Quest: Precipice of War. You are about to embark on a dangerous mission to the Brotherhood of Steel’s airship, in order to put an end to their oppressive ways once and for all. While you may be tempted to wear your Power Armor for this, you’ll actually receive another article of clothing that may prove more beneficial in this situation. You can only wear one or the other, so choose carefully.

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Fly to Prydwen

While you were fighting the Brotherhood’s reinforcements on the police station rooftop, Tinker Tom was able to get the Vertibird working and it is now prepared for takeoff. Climb aboard the Vertibird with Deacon and man the minigun turret. Enjoy the shaky ride as Deacon reviews the plan of attack.

Your goal is to plant an explosive charge on the Prydwen’s gas bags. However, once you arrive on the Prydwen airship, you will likely be met with hostility from the Brotherhood forces if you are spotted. Deacon gives you an extra Stealth Boy that will help keep you temporarily hidden while sneaking through the airship. Be sure to put on the Brotherhood of Steel uniform Deacon gives you as well, in an effort to blend in with the other Brotherhood personnel. Unless of course you’ve already visited the Prydwen yourself and have completed several Brotherhood tasks, in which case you are already known to the faction.

Plant Explosives

After a successful bluff, Tinker Tom is able to drop you off at the Prydwen flight deck, where he will wait for your return. Hop off the Vertibird, and make sure you’re wearing the Brotherhood uniform before entering the airship.

While wearing the Brotherhood uniform, you can speak with various Brotherhood personnel while traversing the airship. There are several difficult dialogue options available that can allow you to bluff your way through conversations on your way to the target. It’s entirely possible to reach the target without inciting violence by successfully completing these persuasion challenges, but this can be a bit challenging to pull off. If any Brotherhood personnel get suspicious while talking to you, your disguise will be compromised.

Walk along the flight deck walkway and go right into the door to the Prydwen command deck, where a Brotherhood Knight is standing guard. Climb the ladder to the main deck, and go past the long hallway that leads to the dining area. Pass through the Power Armor staging area, and make your way to a set of long walkways at the far end. Ascend the stairs to an upper walkway to reach a long corridor where the gas bag valves are located, and plant an explosive at each of the three valves.

Escape the Prydwen

Once the explosives are planted, make a mad dash to the exit. If you are unfamiliar with the Prydwen, hopefully you remember how to backtrack the way you came. Your cover is likely blown at this point, so continue to gun down the hostile Brotherhood personnel as you make your way back to the flight deck. Once you’re outside, board Tinker Tom’s Vertibird to make a quick escape.

During your departure, you will have enemies firing at you from both the Prydwen, and from the ground at Boston Airport. Take control of the Vertibird’s minigun turret, and gun down any hostiles you see. Once Tinker Tom flies your team away from the blast radius, sit back and watch the epic destruction.

Talk to Desdemona

Tinker Tom drops you off safely on land while he goes to search for a place to store the Vertibird. Fast-travel back to the Railroad HQ and speak to Desdemona to let her know the job is done. You’ll be rewarded with a hefty amount of Bottlecaps, and a Railway Rifle Mod.

Continue on to the Railroad Quest: The Nuclear Option, or return to our Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide for more quests and features.

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