Fallout 4: Sanctuary - Provide Food

Fallout 4: Sanctuary - Provide Food

Provide enough food for the settlers.

This guide will help you to complete Fallout 4: Sanctuary, one of the Minutemen quests that pops up in your first few hours with Fallout 4. It’s actually kind of difficult if you’re new to the game, so we thought we’d help you to complete all of the objectives and move on to the next.

Before you begin the quest, spend some time reading up on our Fallout 4 Base Building Guide. It’s likely all you need to complete this quest, but we’ll cover all of the objectives for you just the same. Still, the guide we linked above will help you to ensure that you know the mechanics behind base building before you end up drowning in them.

Build Sheltered Beds for Sanctuary Settlers

To begin building, move to the work bench under the car port of the house just across the street from the house you lived in 200 years ago. You can then choose to build, and your first order of business will be to move around the neighborhood and scrap almost everything you find. This will include cars, light posts, houses, fences, and everything in between. Scrap it all, automatically putting it into your workshop’s inventory for you to begin building.

When you’re ready to move on to beds, move into the house where the settlers like to hang out. It’s the same one with the workbench just outside. Go into the house, and put beds in the bedrooms, and even in the living room and kitchen if you need to. Keep plopping beds down until you look at the top of the screen and you have placed enough beds and completed the objective.

Talk to Sturges

We’re only going to list this objective once, but you’ll have to chat with Sturges each time you finish one of the building objectives. You don’t need our help in doing this, however, so we’ll just help you with the construction parts of this quest.

Provide Clean Water for Sanctuary Settlers

Within your building options will be a section for resources. Find it, and then begin to place water pumps down (the small ones will do for now) on the ground. You need to place them in the right spot, which isn’t on the road or on any kind of concrete or pavement. Place them in the grass, using two or three, stopping when you complete the objective. There is no need to place more of them right now.

Provide Food for Sanctuary Settlers

If you have corn in your inventory, you can plant it in build mode to feed people.

Head back to the resources section of your workshop menu, only this time look for food. If you have some food on you, you should be able to plant some of it. If you don’t, exit the build screen and start looking around Sanctuary for food on the ground. If you harvest the food, you’ll then be able to plant that very same type in the workshop menu when you’re back in Sanctuary. We found plenty of food on the ground in the woods just around Sanctuary. You shouldn’t have to go far to find this, but you can buy some from vendors (Diamond City) if you are out of options.

Build Defenses for Sanctuary Settlers

Like all other objectives in this quest, you only need to build enough to complete the objective. For this you can browse to the defenses portion of the workshop, and choose the very first turret that you have available to you. It should be easy enough to build, and it will provide a certain level of defense. Keep on placing these until the objective completes, and then the quest should end shortly after.

If you have trouble building any of the components required to complete this quest, just go wandering out in the Wasteland and searching for material. Take Dogmeat with you, allowing him to carry a lot of junk back for you to add to your workshop. When you return home, approach the workshop and you should have the option to transfer, and then to transfer all junk. Make sure you snag everything that Dogmeat is carrying for you as well.

Lastly, for this quest we would advise that you build small. The time will come when you can build more, but if you get ambitious early, you’ll run out of materials to complete this quest. We did that, and actually restarted the game to fix our mistake.

You can continue on to the next Minutemen Quest, Fallout 4: The Sight, or you can return to USgamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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