Fallout 4: Synth Retention - Libertalia, Reclaim the Synth

Fallout 4: Synth Retention - Libertalia, Reclaim the Synth

Help X6-88 track down a rogue synth in Libertalia.

This guide will show you how to complete the Institute Quest: Synth Retention in Fallout 4. Players must first complete the Main Quest: Institutionalized in order to gain access to the Institute faction quests. Complete each objective in this guide to aid Father with a particular Synth problem.

Keep in mind that fulfilling quests for the Institute can negatively affect your relationship with the other three factions, and will eventually impact the final events of the game. Check out our guide on selecting the best faction in Fallout 4 to decide which faction you’d ultimately like to support.

Talk to Father

After completing the Main Quest: Institutionalized, return to the Institute using your Pip-boy relay, and speak with Father in his quarters. Father asks you to locate and retrieve a rogue synth who has settled in with a group of raiders in Libertalia.

Meet Up with the Courser

Libertalia is found along the coast of a peninsula on the far east side of the map. The closest fast-travel point is the Nahant Township. If you haven’t journeyed this far east yet, then you’ll have to travel part of the way on foot. Fast-travel from the Institute to the Nahant Sheriff's Department near the Nahant Wharf, where Father has arranged to have a Courser meet up with you.

Reclaim the Rogue Synth

When you arrive at Nahant Wharf, a skilled Courser named X6-88 will be waiting for you, and has already taken care of the guards. Head toward the target location in the Raider camp, eliminating the hostile Raiders stationed throughout the pier. Watch out for a few defensive turrets along the path as well.

Continue along the wooden plank walkway until you reach the large partially-sunken tanker ship. Gabriel is found at the top of the makeshift tower built along the side of the ship. Locate a small wooden platform with a red button near the trash boat. Stand on the platform and press the button to ride the platform to the sunken ship.

Be prepared to gun down another set of Raiders as you board the ship. Continue up the tower to reach the captain’s shack. Just before arriving at the top, X6-88 tells you the reset code for the synth. Talk to Gabriel, and choose whether or not to say the reset code. Afterward, eliminate his two Raider bodyguards, and prepare to head back to the Institute.

Return to Father

Saying the reset code to Gabriel will temporarily immobilize him, allowing X6-88 to relay him back to the Institute. Be sure to loot the area thoroughly before you leave. There are some valuable goodies to be found in Gabriel’s quarters, including the Le Fusil Terribles shotgun, and a copy of the U.S. Covert Operations Manual. When ready, fast-travel back to the Institute and speak with Father once more.

Visit your Quarters

Father is pleased with your work. To show his gratitude for a job well done, Father has arranged for you to have your own personal quarters within the Institute, equipped with new gear and other useful items. Go to your room, and speak with X6-88 to get situated.

Continue on to the next Institute Quest: The Battle of Bunker Hill, or return to USGamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide for more quests and features.

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