Fallout 4: The Battle of Bunker Hill - Deal with Synths

Fallout 4: The Battle of Bunker Hill - Deal with Synths

Decide which faction to support for the fight ahead.

This guide will help you complete the objectives in the Institute Quest: The Battle of Bunker Hill. To access quests from the Institute, you must first complete the Main Quest: Institutionalized. Completing quests for the Institute will harm your relationship with other factions, so choose your allegiance carefully.

This quest becomes available immediately after visiting your quarters at the end of the Institute Quest: Synth Retention. Father has prepared another mission for you. Speak with Father for details on this new objective.

Speak to Father

It turns out Father has yet another synth problem on his hands. Several synths have escaped the Institute, and you are tasked with retrieving them from Bunker Hill. Once again, Father has arranged to have a Courser waiting to assist you at the target location.

  • Optional: Inform the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Optional: Inform the Railroad

A large battle is on the horizon. It’s time to decide which faction to pledge your loyalties to: the Institute, the Railroad, or the Brotherhood of Steel (the Minutemen aren’t involved in this quest). You can optionally choose to inform either the Brotherhood or the Railroad of the Institute’s plans, or you can simply continue to fulfill Father’s orders.

Your decision on this issue will cause your objectives to change, depending on the faction you choose to side with during the battle ahead. The rest of this guide follows an allegiance to the Institute, but you are free to choose your loyalties how you wish. Note that the Institute Quest: Mankind Redefined will still become available even if you choose not to be loyal to the Institute in this quest.

Reach Bunker Hill

If you’ve decided to stick with the Institute for this mission, fast-travel to Bunker Hill to meet with a Courser named X4-18. Mention to X4-18 that you need some grenades, and you can potentially earn some Synth Beacon Grenades, capable of summoning synths to aid you at your location. This is a Hard level dialogue option, however.

Find the Escaped Synths

Proceed toward Bunker Hill with X4-18, where the Railroad and Brotherhood forces are already engaged in battle. Enter the stronghold, and locate a trapdoor behind a counter leading down to a utility basement.

Continue through the tunnels into the next room. Locate a side room leading to some higher scaffolding, and watch out for the machinegun turrets tucked in the corners of the connecting hallways. Make your way through the passage until you discover the group of synths that you came for.

Deal with the Escaped Synths

You will have different options for dealing with the group of escaped synths, depending on the faction you chose to side with. The Brotherhood wants you to kill them, while the Railroad wishes to free them. However, if you are following Institute orders as we did, your instructions are to reset the synths using the reset codes given to you earlier. Approach each synth to speak with them, then administer a reset code to each one. Once each synth has been immobilized, X4-18 will relay them back to the Institute.

Speak with Father in the Ruins of C.I.T.

Exit the utility basement when ready, then fast-travel out of Bunker Hill to the ruins of C.I.T. Enter the C.I.T. rotunda through one of the doors on the ground level. You stumble upon a conflict between Super Mutants and Synths. Ascend the stairs on each floor, and make your way to the rooftop where Father is located. Speak with him regarding the outcome of the battle, and the quest will conclude.

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