Fallout 4: The First Step - Kill the Raiders

Fallout 4: The First Step - Kill the Raiders

Kill the Raiders and loot the plant.

The First Step, another Minutemen Quest in Fallout 4, will take players to several new locations, the first of which is Tenpines Bluff. From there, players will have to travel to the Corvega Assembly Plant, where they will be tasked with clearing a building full of Raiders.

This quest will typically follow your base building activities at Sanctuary, or perhaps another side quest (disguised as a main quest), called When Freedom Calls.

Talk to the Settlers at Tenpines Bluff

Bring up your Pip-Boy and look at the map in order to see where Tenpines Bluff is. You can travel there by first heading to Concord, but our suggestion is to just travel through the forest in a straight line. You can use the waypoint at the bottom of the screen to ensure you’re going the right way, but the trip should be fairly uneventful. Just be on the lookout for various threats. That’s all the hand holding we’re going to do to get you there, as telling you to turn right at some random tree isn’t going to be much help. Just get yourself to Tenpines Bluff and we’ll continue.

Kill the Raiders in Corvega Assembly Plant

After agreeing to kill the Raiders, you’ll want to head south, keeping the city that you’re headed for on your right. You could go through it, but we tried this several times and died a few horrible deaths for our troubles. Your best bet is to flank around the city, keeping any chance of running into Feral Ghouls to an absolute minimum. They are easily managed later on, but can be troublesome in the early stages when you don’t have a good weapon.

When you reach the plant, feel free to look for a way in besides the front door, but we settled for it after coming up empty ourselves. It will be guarded by a lone guard and a turret, but you should be able to dispatch them as long as you use caution. Just be careful of the Raiders that will fire on you from the top of the roof. Again, take your time and pick your shots. If it takes all the Stimpak you have, you just need to get in the front door so we can give you some tips to clear this plant effectively.

When you do get inside the front door, clear the first few rooms out using a shotgun, taking note of the water fountain on the right side of the reception room. You can use this one, or any other fountain you find, regenerating your health over and over again. Just keep a mental note of where they are (there’s another a few rooms ahead of you, in a hallway), and continue to return to them each time you get near death.

Because the assembly plant is a bit of a maze, we aren’t going to guide you through every room, but we will tell you that a shotgun is a great option for 90 percent of it. Clear the basement, main floor and top floor of all Raiders, looting their bodies for weapons, ammunition, Molotov Cocktails, and even Fragmentation Grenades. These last two are great when you need to dig out an enemy who insists on staying in cover.

As we mentioned, clean out every inch of the assembly plant. One area you will absolutely want to visit is found just after the second fountain, not far from where you found the first in the reception area. From that fountain, move down the stairs and turn left, going through the blue double doors. Turn left once you are inside the room, and take one more left to find another set of small stairs. You’ll see a cage at the back of the room, and in that cage are lots of weapons and ammunition that you can take with you. Just watch out for the turret (and Raiders) that guard it. You will need Bobby Pins to pick the lock, but you should be able to pull it off if you have the patience.

After clearing out the top floor, your objective should be a door in that same area. This will take you outside to the roof, where you’ll have to kill another half dozen or so Raiders. These ones can be tricky, and anything long-range beats the shotgun that worked so well in the assembly plant. If you clear them all out and your objective doesn’t update, head back inside the plant and look for any Raiders that you would have missed.

Report Your Success to Settlers at Tenpines Bluff

When the job is done, loot the assembly plant for all its worth, and then step back outside the front doors. From here you can fast travel back to Tenpines Bluff, report your success, and then fast travel back to your home in Sanctuary. You can walk if you want that authentic experience, but really that’s just adding more ways for you to die. If you’re not sure how to fast travel, the option should be in your Pip-Boy when you are viewing the map. It won’t work inside the assembly plant, and you can only fast travel to locations that you’ve already discovered. Other than that, fast travel as much as you’d like.

From here, you will most likely want to continue on to Fallout 4: Jewel of the Commonwealth, the next main story mission. You’ll also have a lot of other options for where to go and who to kill next, and for that you’ll want to visit USgamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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