Fallout 4: Tour of Duty - Meet the Prydwen Crew

Fallout 4: Tour of Duty - Meet the Prydwen Crew

Get acquainted with the Prydwen and its crew members.

After meeting Elder Maxson and learning about the Brotherhood’s goals, Maxson encourages you to familiarize yourself with the Prydwen and its crew. Introduce yourself to several key staff members throughout the airship, and pick up a few new quests along the way.

Meet Proctor Quinlan

Starting from the entry ladder to the Prydwen’s Main Deck, you will see a hallway straight ahead. As you pass through this hallway, you’ll encounter two rooms, one on each side. Enter the room on the right to meet Proctor Quinlan in his office. Speak with him about his current research projects, answering how you wish. Also, be nice to the cat.

If you’re looking for a side project, inquire about helping with technical documentation, and he’ll give you the Miscellaneous Quest: Getting Technical. Later, upon completion of the Tour of Duty quest, speak with Proctor Quinlan again to access the Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quest: Learning Curve, which can also be exploited to earn XP and rank up fast.

Meet Knight-Captain Cade

Return to Knight-Captain Cade in the Prydwen sickbay when you need medical attention.

Across the hall from Proctor Quinlan’s office, you’ll find Knight-Captain Cade in the sickbay. As you enter to introduce yourself, Cade will begin your wellness exam by asking you a series of questions. Answer how you wish. Cade can also heal you, so return to the sickbay in the future when you need medical attention.

Meet Proctor Ingram

Pass through the dining hall and into the area where the Power Armor stations are located. Here you will find Proctor Ingram working on a suit of armor off to the side. Speak with her about Power Armor, and she will mention a suit that is available at Station 03 across the room. If you have a high Charisma rank, inquire about Proctor Ingram’s legs to continue the conversation further. Successful persuasion will earn you a bit of extra XP.

Ask Proctor Teagan about extra work to gain access to the Radiant Quest: Feeding the Troops.

Meet Proctor Teagan

From the Power Armor Station area, walk towards the far hallway to locate Proctor Teagan in his supply store. Teagan sells various weapons and armaments, and will purchase items from you as well. Agreeing to help him with some extra work will grant access to the Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quest: Feeding the Troops. This quest can be done repeatedly to line your pockets with some extra Bottlecaps.

Access Additional Brotherhood of Steel Quests

After speaking with each of these four crew members, the Tour of Duty quest concludes. Upon completion of this quest, several Miscellaneous quests will become available. For example, Scribe Neriah will offer the Miscellaneous Quest: Blood Bank, where she asks you to collect blood samples throughout the wasteland.

After completing several quests for the Brotherhood of Steel, be sure to return to the Prydwen and speak with Lancer-Captain Kells and other NPCs to access new Miscellaneous Quests that become available later.

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the crew aboard the Prydwen, return to Elder Maxson to report for your first mission, the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Show No Mercy. For more Fallout 4 tips and features, check out USGamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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