Fallout 4: Unique and Exceptional Weapons Guide

Fallout 4: Unique and Exceptional Weapons Guide

These weapons are one of a kind and have unique special effects.

Although there are tons of different weapons to be discovered in Fallout 4, Unique and Exceptional weapons should be a priority for one’s arsenal. Unique weapons are one of a kind and offer special bonus effects. There are over 40 unique and exceptional weapons for players to collect, and we’ve compiled a list to help you track down each one.

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Unique Weapon Locations & Details

Most of these unique weapons feature a special bonus effect to make your arsenal truly shine. These weapons can be bought from specific vendors, earned by completing quests, or found upon defeating certain enemies.

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

This vintage baseball bat has a chance to send foes flying off into the distance, and can be found under Jamaica Plain City hall. Moe Cronin in Diamond City Market will pay you a pretty penny for the bat if you wish to sell it.


If you take Fahrenheit’s side at the end of the Side Quest: The Big Dig, you will be awarded with this MS16 weapon. The Ashmaker can set targets on fire for extra damage.

Automatic Laser Musket

This laser musket has automatic fire capabilities, and is given to the player at the beginning of the Minuteman Quest: The Nuclear Option during the final segment of the game.

AX90 Fury

This unique plasma gun deals 50% more damage when facing Super Mutants. You can purchase the AX90 Fury from Proctor Teagan on the Brotherhood of Steel’s Prydwen airship.

Big Boy

Known for being one of the most lethal (and fun!) weapons in Fallout 4, the Big Boy launches miniature nukes and has the special bonus of shooting an additional projectile. If you’ve got some extra Bottlecaps to spend, purchase this Fat Man variant from Arturo in Diamond City.

Big Jim

This unique melee weapon is a pipe wrench that grants a bonus 20% chance to cripple a target’s leg. Look for this weapon lying in Walden Pond, to the south of Gorski Cabin.


This portable naval cannon fires cannonballs, allowing players to actually bring a hand cannon to a gunfight. Side with the robots during the Side Quest: Last Voyage of the USS Constitution to be rewarded this weapon.

Death From Above

This missile launcher allows players to move 75% faster while aiming. Purchase this weapon from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen when you reach Paladin rank.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

This unique punching weapon is earned upon completion of the Side Quest: The Devil’s Due. Invest in the Iron Fist perk to enhance its capabilities.


The Deliverer is a pistol variant that offers improved hit chance and 25% less AP cost for V.A.T.S. Players are rewarded this pistol upon completion of The Railroad Quest: Tradecraft.

Furious Power Fist

This powerful melee weapon is earned after defeating the deadly Swan found at Swan’s Pond in Boston Common, near the first Freedom Trail marker. Loot the Swan to claim this unique reward. The Furious Power Fist increases in damage after each consecutive hit on a single target.

Eddie’s Peace

This revolver variant deals 50% more limb damage, and comes equipped with an attached scope. Look for this unique weapon during the quest Detective Case Files: Long Time Coming.

Experiment 18-A

This unique plasma gun boasts a 25% faster fire rate, and 15% faster reload speed. Bring along some extra caps when visiting the Institute to purchase this weapon from Institute Requisitions.

Final Judgement

The Final Judgement is a gatling laser weapon that has a 25% faster fire rate, and 15% faster reload speed. Players can take this weapon from Elder Maxson during the Institute Quest: Airship Down, or during the Railroad Quest: Precipice of War.

General Chao’s Revenge

If you’re looking to bring a sword to a gunfight, this melee weapon is perfect for the job. General Chao’s Revenge is a Chinese officer sword that deals 50% more damage towards robots, and is sold by Trudy at the Drumlin Diner south of Concord.

Good Intentions

This laser gun variant deals critical hits that cause targets to frenzy. To find Good Intentions, head to Quincy Ruins and climb up to the top of the elevated freeway. Defeat Clint, the Power Armored enemy found nearby, and loot the laser gun from him afterward.

Grognak’s Axe

This unique melee weapon causes targets to stagger and take bleed damage upon getting hit. Find Grognak’s Axe in a locked glass display case inside Hubris Comics, just northeast of Diamond City. You will need the Advanced Lockpicking skill to open the case.

HalluciGen Gas Grenade

This unique explosive offers a special bonus chance to Frenzy targets for 60 seconds. Head to HalluciGen, Inc. to build this gas grenade out of materials found in the basement laboratory.


This weapon is a combat shotgun variant that has the chance to stagger targets when hit. Purchase Justice from Penny, who is located in the Covenant settlement.

Kellogg’s Pistol

This .44 magnum revolver pistol variant has the Relentless attribute, which refills Action Points upon Critical Hits. Look for this weapon during the Main Quest: Reunions.

Junk Jet

If you’re packing too much junk during your travels and don’t feel like dropping by one of your Workshops to free up inventory space, consider carrying the Junk Jet. This unique weapon has the special capability of converting junk into ammunition. To find the Junk Jet, speak with Paladin Danse to begin the Call to Arms quest. The quest leads you to ArcJet Systems, where you can collect the Junk Jet in the lower level Engine Core control room.

Les Fusil Teribles

Although this combat shotgun variant has slightly more recoil, it can deal an extra 25% damage and limb damage. Head to Libertalia and enter the Captain’s Cabin to find this shotgun on top of a yellow wooden crate.

Lorenzo’s Artifact

Players receive this unique gamma gun for completing the Secret of Cabot House quest. Although it has slightly reduced damage, Lorenzo’s Artifact uses projectiles that can knock back enemies.

Old Faithful

This special laser pistol deals double the damage to targets that have full health. Along with the Big Boy, Old Faithful can be purchase from Arturo in Diamond City.

Pickman’s Blade

Don’t mistake this blade for any ordinary knife. Pickman’s Blade causes targets to bleed for an additional 25 points of damage when hit. Earn this knife as a reward for helping Pickman at Pickman’s Gallery near the Old North Church. With Pickman’s key in hand, look behind one of the paintings to find a hidden safe that contains this unique blade.


The Partystarter is a unique missile launcher that deals 50% more damage against humans. Purchase this weapon from KL-E-0 at the weapon shop in Goodneighbor.

Prototype PA77

This laser pistol has an unlimited magazine clip capacity. Locate and unlock the Master locked safe within the University Credit Union to obtain this weapon.

Railway Rifle

This unique rifle variant actually shoots railway spikes as ammunition. Though there are several ways to obtain this rifle, the most direct method is to complete the Railroad Quest: Underground Undercover.

Righteous Authority

After completing the Brotherhood of Arms Quest: Call to Arms, Paladin Danse rewards your efforts by offering you his laser rifle, Righteous Authority. This weapon causes Critical Hits to deal double the damage, plus the critical meter regenerates 15% faster.

Reba II

This unique hunting rifle deals an additional 50% damage towards Mirelurks and bugs. Assist Barney during the Miscellaneous Quest: Barney Rook in the town of Salem to obtain this weapon.


The Reckoning is a ripper weapon variant that allows players to receive 15% less damage while standing immobile. Purchase this weapon from a Level 4 Workshop merchant.

Homing Beacon

For completing the Side Quest: Here There Be Monsters, players can receive this special explosive weapon that calls down missile strikes from Zao’s sub.

Institute Beacon

Similar to the Homing Beacon, this unique weapon will spawn Synth’s at the beacon’s location. Players earn this weapon as a reward for finishing the Institute Quest: Airship Down.

Rockville Slugger

Melee fans will enjoy this unique baseball bat variant, as it reduces Action Point cost by 40%. Purchase this weapon from Moe Cronin in the Diamond City market.

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster

This plasma rifle variant will deal double the damage to a target that has full health. Upon achieving the rank of Sentinel, players can purchase this rifle from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen.

Shem Drowne’s Sword

This Revolutionary sword is perfect for melee fans looking to deal a bit of radiation damage. Find this unique weapon during the Detective Case Files Quest: The Gilded Grasshopper.

Spray ‘n’ Pray

This submachine gun variant has the Explosive legendary effect that causes its bullets to explode on impact, dealing 15 points of area effect damage. Purchase this weapon from the wandering caravan merchant Cricket, who can occasionally be found near Diamond City, Warwick Homestead, or Vault 81.

The Gainer

This weapon is a revolver pistol variant that ignites targets for 15 points of additional damage. To obtain the Gainer, players must solve the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle. Look for it in the room with the steamer trunk.


As the name suggests, the Shishkebab is a unique melee weapon that happens to use fuel to light enemies ablaze. To obtain this flaming sword, head to Saugus Ironworks and defeat Slag, who will have the weapon on his body.

The Last Minute

The Last Minute is a gauss rifle variant that increases limb damage by 50%. Purchase this weapon from a Level 4 Workshop merchant.

Tinker Tom Special

Although this hunting rifle costs more AP to use, it increases V.A.T.S. accuracy while out of combat. As you can guess, this weapon can be purchased from Tinker Tom at the Railroad HQ.

Virgil’s Rifle

This unique Institute rifle deals an additional 50% more damage against Super Mutants, and comes equipped with several mods. As this weapon is carried by Virgil, players must either steal it from him, or convince Virgil to kill himself.

Wastelander’s Friend

This 10mm pistol variant deals an additional 50% limb damage, and can be purchased from Deb at Bunker Hill.

Wazer Wifle

This unique laser rifle has unlimited ammo capacity, and can be obtained by completing Shaun’s quests after finishing the Main and Faction quests.

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