Fallout 4: Unlucky Valentine - Skinny Malone

Fallout 4: Unlucky Valentine - Skinny Malone

Find Nick Valentine inside Vault 114.

Unlucky Valentine is a main story mission in Fallout 4 where players will have to track down Nick Valentine at the Park Street Station, and more specifically, inside Vault 114. It’s an action-packed sequence, so a good grasp on the weapons and combat systems in the game are keys to being successful. Although it isn’t necessary, it helps to bring your dog with you (if possible), allowing you to carry more of the junk that you can scavenge from dead bodies and the surrounding environment.

Find Nick Valentine

The trip from Diamond City to the Park Street Station can be a dangerous one, but our walkthrough will begin when you step foot inside the station itself. You’ll be at an escalator, and below you and through the door are the first few bad guys that you have to kill. Enter sneak mode and move down the steps, and then take out the first bad guy with a bullet to the head. You should get a damage bonus for this, killing your foe in one shot.

This will get the attention of more bad guys, and the best strategy is to back yourself up the escalator and kill any targets that go through the door. You can even toss a Molotov through the door for some massive damage. When the immediate area is clear, loot the surrounding rooms for anything useful, such as Ammunition and Aid. Anything else will get tough to carry in the later parts.

The journey through the Park Street Station and Vault 114 is not a short one. You can hurry it up, but we opted to be as tactical as possible. The area that you fight in is quite narrow, so it’s easy to take your targets out from safety if you have the patience. Pop one enemy while you’re hidden, and then let the rest filter into the bottle neck that naturally presents itself.

As you make your way forward you’ll go down a few sets of stairs, spotting some tracks at the bottom. There are more bad guys here, and shooting one will cause the others to react. Still, pick a target and put one in his head to kick things off, then move back up the stairs and let the rest come to you. If they won’t, sneak down and kill them one at a time until the area is clear.

Make your way along the tracks until you spot more enemies up ahead. If you get the drop on them, take one out with a headshot, and then back up and make the rest come to you. When they’re all down, loot the bodies and you should have a clean path to the entrance of Vault 114. Approach and open the vault to continue to the next portion of the mission.

This brings back some pretty horrible memories. Vaults are not cool.

As soon as you’re into the vault you’ll have some opposition to deal with. It should only be two guards, so hit them with your favorite gun (we actually used a Molotov), and then get busy looking for junk that you can use for crafting.

Move forward and make your way down a few flights of stairs. You’ll hear two bad guys talking about the vault, and if you are careful you should be able to nail one of them with a headshot. This makes the other bad guy an easy target.

Progressing onward will move you to an area that looks like a dig site, with catwalks and stairs around the area. They’re tough to spot, but enemies are in the area. Again, hit one with a headshot, and then back up and take out the others as they push forward to retaliate. As always, when the area is clear, make your way around the area and loot the bodies. Travel in a counter-clockwise direction until you reach a room with a hole in the floor.

Look down the hole at the right time and an enemy will be walking below you. Pop him in the head, or drop a Molotov on him to do the bad guy dirty, and then drop down yourself. Progress forward and through the next door to load into the next area.

This is the lone guard in the area with Nick Valentine. Enjoy the kill.

There shouldn’t be any opposition right away, but you can do some minor junk looting as you follow the narrow corridors. When you reach an automatic door, you will see a bad guy standing on a balcony on the third floor. He was facing away from us, which is why we sniped him in the back of the head. For now, there will not be any more opposition. Loot all three floors of this area to fill your pockets, and then move to your waypoint to find Nick Valentine.

Free Nick Valentine

Head to where you killed the unsuspecting guard, and then use the terminal to override the door. When you exit the terminal it should open, and just inside the room will be Nick Valentine. You’ll also find the Speech Bobblehead on the desk, which you should absolutely snag to give all vendors 100 more caps for bartering.

Talk to Nick Valentine

As always, try to ask more questions than anything, but really there isn’t much of a way that you can mess this up. We told the detective that we were after Shaun, and after a brief chat we were on to the next objective and trying to make our way back out of the vault. Of course, you can approach this situation in whatever way best suits your play style.

Follow Nick Valentine

Mr. Valentine will take you to the bottom floor, at which point several thugs will insert themselves into the picture. You get the choice between sneaking past or killing them, of which we chose the latter. As we always suggest, pop one in the head, and then let the rest come to you. When it’s clear, steal their goods and continue following Valentine.

Your new companion will take you through a door that was previously inaccessible. Keep following him, moving up some stairs until he run into some guards. Kill the guards, of course, but don’t miss the door that has the novice lock on it. It should be on the right side of the hall before you get to the room with the bunk beds. It’s just a laundry room, but any door that requires unlocking is worth exploring.

Make sure to unlock every door that you can, otherwise you'll miss out on some cool stuff.

Continue forward and up some more stairs. There will be a nursery on the left, as well as a door with an advanced lock on the right. Hopefully you’ve configured your perks correctly and can open it. Inside you’ll find some caps and other goodies, as well as a safe that will require you to be a master with them. We weren’t, so we had to leave it behind.

Move along and search the rooms, keeping an eye out for bad guys in the area. There won’t be a lot to find other than the odd bottle of booze, and once you regroup with Valentine he’ll lead you forward to another locked door. No worries, the old synth has got this one.

When the door opens Nick Valentine will have a chat with Skinny Malone. If players have been talking to Mama Murphy back at Sanctuary (and bringing her the drugs she requests), you should have an option when you join the conversation that will get you out without a fight. When prompted, and if available, choose Remember the Quarry, just as Mama Murphy told you to.

After getting the go ahead to leave from Skinny Malone, make your way back out of the vault. The easiest way to do this is to follow the fleeing Darla. The problem that we ran into was that Darla was wearing the Sequin Dress, and since we created a female character, we thought it would look good on us. This is why we shot her dead in the subway tunnel on the way out. Skinny Malone didn’t seem to care, but just to be sure we waited until we had a good head start.

After you exit the Park Street Station you’ll have to meet up with Nick Valentine. He should show as a waypoint on your map, so head toward him for a quest ending conversation.

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