Fallout 4: War Never Changes - Get to Vault 111

Fallout 4: War Never Changes - Get to Vault 111

Create your character for Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 begins with players in front of the mirror, and that’s where they will customize their character, choosing whether or not they want to be male or female. You can alter everything from your name to your facial structure, even going so far as to add scars and minor blemishes. If you want to play as a female, leave the menu while your female character is standing in front of the mirror. Oh, and if you messed up your character creation, you will have the chance to alter it one last time before everything is set in stone and you’re stuck with your choices.

With that out of the way players are free to wander around the house. There isn’t a lot do, but it’s fun to spend a few moments interacting with the various objects. Be sure to check out the Sugar Bombs on the table, and the Nuka Cola in the refrigerator.

This will eventually lead to a man from Vault-Tec pulling up outside and ringing your doorbell. You can answer him however you see fit, and he will eventually give you a registration form that you can use to choose your various stats, as well as your name. If you move your cursor over a category and aren’t sure what it is, look to the bottom right of the form and you can read a description. We focused on our Strength, Perception, Intelligence and Agility more than the rest, but you can build your character however you see fit.

After your conversation with the Vault-Tec representative, wait for Codsworth to run into trouble with your son, Shaun. Head into the bedroom and do as your partner says, spinning the crib mobile to settle the baby down. You also have the option of playing with him, but it’s the crib mobile that will progress the story forward for you.

This is about as calm as things will ever get in Fallout 4. Enjoy it while it lasts.

It should be about this time that things pick up, and you’ll want to move to the living room and watch the events unfolding on television. When prompted, exit your home and turn right on the street. A short way down you can take another right that leads along a dirt path, over a wooden bridge, and up toward Vault 111. If you aren’t completely sure where to go, use the indicator at the bottom of your screen. Your current objective will always be displayed there.

When you’re inside the vault, continue to pay close attention to your objectives, speaking with the Vault-Tec staff member to get your Vault 111 Jumpsuit. We actually had to step around someone in order to speak to them, so don’t be afraid to push your way through. After that, follow the Vault-Tec doctor until you get to the decontamination pod, stepping inside to trigger a few cut scenes.

The cut scenes will last for several minutes, and you will be able to interact a few times throughout. This will bring you to the end of the prologue. Feel free to continue to Fallout 4: Out of Time, or return to USgamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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