Fallout 4: With Our Powers Combined - Build Artillery

Fallout 4: With Our Powers Combined - Build Artillery

Eliminate the remaining threat.

This guide will show players how to complete the last main Minutemen Quest: With Our Powers Combined. This quest occurs after the conclusion of the main story in the Minutemen Quest: The Nuclear Option. Gather some extra materials and prepare your settlements for one more major Minutemen mission.

Talk to Preston Garvey

There is still one last threat that needs to be removed to ensure the safety of the Commonwealth: the Brotherhood of Steel. This quest becomes available once you have become enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel, turning them hostile. Speak with Preston Garvey and discuss how to proceed with this mission.

Build Artillery in Five Settlement Locations

Preston instructs you to build artillery defenses at five of the settlements you control. Agree to the task, and determine which settlements should receive new defense equipment. If you have come this far with the Minutemen, you should have at least eight settlements to choose from.

Your task is to build an Artillery Piece at five of your settlements to increase their firepower for the attack. Don’t forget to assign a settler to work each artillery unit as well. Bring up the Workshop interface at one of your settlements and navigate to the Special tab to build each piece of artillery. If you need to refresh your memory on how to build Artillery Pieces, refer to the artillery section of our guide for the Minutemen Quest: Old Guns.

Launch Artillery Strike on Prydwen

Once you have built Artillery Pieces at five of your settlements and assigned workers to them, return to the Castle and report to the Minutemen radio operator sitting at the radio transmitter. Give him the signal to open fire on the airship when ready.

Destroy Prydwen

Join the rest of the community near the shoreline while the artillery prepares to strike. Make sure to get a good view of the show, and brace yourself for the final firefight to come.

Defeat Brotherhood Attack on the Castle

After the Prydwen goes down, the Brotherhood of Steel will make one last attempt to seek revenge on your settlement. A fleet of Vertibirds will quickly encroach on your location, carrying the remaining Brotherhood soldiers to launch an attack on the Castle. Prepare to defend the Castle and its inhabitants from the onslaught of the Brotherhood Knights. Use heavy weaponry to take down the Vertibirds before they are able to devastate the Castle.

Speak to Ronnie Shaw

Continue to defend the Castle until you have eliminated all of the remaining hostile Brotherhood forces. At the end of the fight, approach Ronnie Shaw to hear her inspiring words before reporting back to Preston Garvey.

Talk to Preston Garvey

Speak with Preston Garvey one more time to conclude this final main Minutemen quest. If you would like to continue working with the Minutemen on future tasks, keep in mind that there are Radiant quests available for you to complete. Depending on your progress, you may also still have several Miscellaneous quests available from the Railroad faction as well. However, keeping your settlements happy and thriving is all that you really need to keep the Minutemen dream alive.

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