Fallout 76: All Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers

Fallout 76: All Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers

We show you how to answer all the exam questions in the Hornwright hiring exam as part of "The Motherlode" quest.

One of the strangest but most lucrative quests in Fallout 76 is "The Motherlode," in which players have to sort through the ruins of Hornwright Industrial to activate some strange, abandoned experiment. As part of this, players will have to discover all answers to the Hornwright Industrial senior executive exam, allowing them to be registered as employees and gain access to new areas. We can help with that.

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All Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers in Fallout 76

It's worth mentioning in advance that continuation of the quest doesn't make passing the exam mandatory, as you can also steal another employee's resume from the computers on the lower floor, allowing you to pass yourself off as them and claim their ID card. However, the exam is a perfectly satisfactory option and may provide more job fulfilment, so we'll cover that below.

How to Collect the Exam Answers from Tech Support

One optional objective that comes up is to go to Jeffery Vaccarro's terminal (marked by an icon) and collect the exam answers. However, they're not actually on there per se, but they do provide a clue as to what you should be answering, as one of the messages on there talks about how CEO Mr. Hornwright wanted the exam changed, despite Vaccarro's objections. Further investigation on different terminals throughout the building make Hornwright's interests - and the nature of the exam - perfectly clear, that it's testing loyalty to the company, not to the law. So unlike the wholesome Tadpole exams, you should be prioritizing Hornwright Industrial in all answers, regardless of any other considerations.

All Hornwright Industrial Senior Executive Exam Answers

If you want to just answer the exam correctly, we've laid out the answers below for you to enter.

  1. Blame the incident on agitators in the local unions.
  2. Blackmail them into providing more information.
  3. Dig up dirt on the politician to lower their price.
  4. Offer them lucrative jobs to get them to reveal their identities.
  5. Turn over the details to Hornwright’s top-notch corporate intelligence team.

After this is done, choose to submit your answers, and you'll be granted a top-notch new position as a senior executive! In a business that was mostly vaporized by nuclear hellfire hundreds of years ago, yes, but it's still a step up the ladder. Go to the room on the left to pick up your ID card and you'll be able to continue with the quest and find out the nature of the Motherlode project.

Your answers shouldn't be moral, or legal, but financial. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

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