Fallout 76: Do You Need to Make a New Character to Play Wastelanders?

Fallout 76: Do You Need to Make a New Character to Play Wastelanders?

We explain whether you'll have to make a new character for Fallout 76's Wastelanders Update.

Fallout 76 has a new update, Wastelanders, which adds new content, characters and stories to play through. However, some are wondering if you'll need to make a new character to experience it. We'll explain here whether you do or do not need to make a new character to play Wastelanders and what the differences to character creation are.

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Do You Need to Make a New Character in Fallout 76 to Start Playing Wastelanders?

No, you do not need to make a new character. The beginning of the Wastelanders storyline is found mere moments after starting the game, but there is no need to create a new character to find it. We've outlined the way it can be found right here, but this means that players who have sunk hundreds of hours into their characters and picking perks and levels won't need to worry about losing that progress.

Everything in the earliest phase fo the game remains unchanged after Wastelanders. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Does Character Creation Change in Wastelanders?

Surprisingly, no. Despite the addition of NPCs, Vault 76 itself is still as devoid of human life now as it was before the update, presumably because the nature of the story requires the difficulty of making contact with former Vault dwellers, and because those you do find are supposed to be other players themselves - i.e., everybody who lived in the Vault (besides the Overseer) is now a played character, so obviously there aren't any NPC-populated vaults.

Aside from that, the experience is still the same, allowing you to go through numerous brief tutorials as you equip items and finally leave the Vault, having talked to nobody but Mr. Handy robots. However, leaving the Vault does immediately make clear the presence of the Wastelanders update, with numerous human NPCs to interact and trade with.

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