Fallout 76: How to Complete the Order of the Tadpole Quest and Become a Pioneer Scout

Fallout 76: How to Complete the Order of the Tadpole Quest and Become a Pioneer Scout

We show you how you can become a Pioneer Scout and how to get all the badges needed to join.

While most of humanity might be dead in Fallout 76, that's no reason not to join your local clubs and societies. One of the groups you can sign on with here is the Pioneer Scouts, also known as the Order of the Tadpole. Here we'll show you how to complete the Order of the Tadpole quest and become a Pioneer Scout, as well as the many rewards you'll get at the end.

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How to Complete The Order of the Tadpole Quest in Fallout 76

The Order of the Tadpole quest is a long, multi-stage mission in which the player must demonstrate the four basic virtues of a proper Pioneer Scout: Kindness, Helpfulness, Bravery and Growth, as well as acquiring three Pioneer Badges. Each one has a brief, miscellaneous quest associated with it, and players who complete all objectives can return to Scout Leader Jaggy to go from being a Tadpole Scout to a Possum Scout.

The Pioneer Scouts are lead by behatted bot, Scout Leader Jaggy. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Where to Find Scout Leader Jaggy and Start the Order of the Tadpole Quest

You'll have to speak to Scout Leader Jaggy, a Mr. Handy wearing a green scout leader's hat. He can be found at the Pioneer Scout Camp North of Grafton Dam, near the top of the map. As you get close, you'll hear him making a lot of noise - just follow the noise to its source and you'll encounter Jaggy, whereupon he'll give you your quest.

How to Complete the "Kindness: Revive an Ally" Quest

To complete the Kindness quota, players will have to join a team with other players and revive one of them if they die. Depending on your circumstances, this could be one of the easiest or hardest ones to achieve, as there's no way to get this without collaborating with other players in the game. Check here to see how you can form a team, assuming there's people willing to form it with you.

How to Complete the "Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner Cabins" Quest

Helpfulness requires you to go to the Kiddie Corner Cabins (they'll be marked on your map) and speak with Scout Leader Pompy, another Mr. Handy. He'll assign a random location on your map, as well as five toxic mutagenic waste piles. To complete this, collect the five piles and put them in the containment barrel, next to the armor workshop back at the Cabins.

How to Complete the "Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly Sods" Quest

To be the bravest Pioneer, you'll have to go to Dolly Sods and meet with Scout Leader Treadly. Here the objective is to bring him multiple insect parts to create a repellent, and he needs the following:

  1. Bloatfly Gland
  2. Bloodbug Proboscis
  3. Radroach Meat
  4. Stingwing Barb
  5. Tick Blood Sac

If you have these parts already, you can give them to Treadly right away to complete the mission! However, he'll also direct you to locations where the insects can be found on your map. Go there and kill the bugs, and they'll drop the items as trophies if you don't have them already.

You need to complete at least three tadpole badges to finish the quest. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

How to Complete the "Growth: Earn Pioneer Scout Badges" Objective

The final stage isn't a quest, but a set of challenges you'll need to complete to earn three badges. Go into the map and press right on the D-Pad to open up the challenges, then scroll down to "World." Somewhere on there will be numerous Tadpole badges challenges, each one with a theme, whether it's Archer, Codebreaker, Medic and so on. Each one has half a dozen or so mini-challenges associated with it. Once you have completed all the mini-challenges, you'll get the badge. However, part of each badge is completing an exam back at the Pioneer Scout Camp, which we'll show you how to do here.

Rewards For Completing Order of the Tadpole

For getting all your badges and displaying all virtues, Jaggy will give you 200 caps and 800 xp, as well as several new craftable backpacks and, occasionally, random legendary armor. It's a hefty prize that's well-warranted for such a long quest. You can also spend collected badges at the Tadpole vending machine close by for new items and cosmetics.

We've always got Fallout content here at USG. You can check out Mike's review of Fallout 76 right here, or see the latest on Bethesda's summer plans.

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