Fallout 76 May Be Adding Loot Boxes In Future Update

New changelogs reference possible loot boxes.

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Fallout 76 is on the back foot after a difficult launch period full of bugs and lackluster reviews. Now the new changelog for upcoming updates have references to what could be future loot boxes in Fallout 76 which could kick off a new round of controversies.

In a reddit thread dissecting the latest rounds of changelogs, users uncovered mention of lunch boxes in the upcoming holiday events. Introduced in Fallout Shelter, lunch boxes are Fallout's version of loot boxes which can be earned in-game or purchased using real money. While the exact nature of these lunch boxes is unknown at the time, further digging seems to indicate that lunchboxes offer players XP and stat boosts.

The changelog also connects the lunch boxes to 'ATX' the term associated with Atmos, Fallout 76's premium currency. The currency has also been coming under fire recently for what players see as unfair pricing. While Bethesda says only cosmetic items will be available for purchase (something that could change if loot boxes are introduced) even cosmetics like some power armor paint cost as high as $20.

Loot boxes have become a controversial subject in the video game community ever since EA DICE introduced loot boxes that gave players an unfair PvP advantage, stoking fears of pay-to-win. Since then the industry has cautiously moved on loot boxes, but any indication that loot boxes could be unfair to players still stoke revolt. Something Bethesda might not want to court following Fallout 76's issues with game-crashing bugs, security leaks, and a tiff over nylon bags.

For more on Fallout 76's premium currency you can read our Fallout 76 Atom guide for details on pricing. Bethesda has yet to officially comment on whether loot boxes will be coming to Fallout 76.

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