A Group of Fallout 76 Players Launched a Nuke and Got More Than They Bargained For

A Group of Fallout 76 Players Launched a Nuke and Got More Than They Bargained For

Apocalypse now.

A nuke launch wasn't supposed to happen until at least a few days after the Fallout 76 launch, but players who've been trekking through West Virginia since the beta were able to set one off on day one. And they decided to shoot it directly at a Fissure Site where all the toughest enemies live.

There're two things to know about a nuke launch. It's incredibly hard to fire considering you'll need to collect randomly generated launch codes and access a cipher to break it, and the effects of the nuke changes depending on which part of the map you fire it on.

Irradiating say a town will cause the robots to become frenzied but firing on a Fissure Site where Fallout 76's tough Scorchbeasts live? That's a different story. A story this group wanted to read apparently as they triggered the world-first nuke event directly on a Fissure Site.

Turns out doing so kickstarts a special nuke quest that's very raid-like. It summons a ton of scorchbeasts, as you'd expect, but also a level 95 Scorchbeast Queen. If that wasn't bad enough the minions for this raid-like quest include high-level Deathclaws and ghouls.

You can watch the full video of the raid above when Nickaroo93 and his squad roll up on the Scorchbeast Queen. It takes about 25 minutes for them to take it down and once they do they were rewarded with very rare crafting materials.

For more on Fallout 76 check out our review-in-progress, or our Fallout 76 guide to help you on your journey to launch a nuke and claim some rare loot.

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