Toilet Paper Prices in Fallout 76 Are Inexplicably Through the Roof

Toilet Paper Prices in Fallout 76 Are Inexplicably Through the Roof

20,000 Bottle Caps sound reasonable?

Toilet paper is, as you probably already know, one of the most sought-after items in the coronavirus pandemic panic-buying spree in the US. For some reason, toilet paper being a premium item has also passed into the digital realms of Fallout 76.

The post below on the Fallout 76 subreddit starts out relatively small scale. Buying toilet paper for 450 Bottle Caps isn't too extravagant, let's be honest, but if you thought this was the only incident of purchasing toilet paper for an eyebrow-raising amount of Bottle Caps, you'd be wrong.

Further down on the same subreddit post, another Fallout 76 player mentions selling toilet paper for 20,000 Bottle Caps. Christ, that's a lot of Bottle Caps. You'd think it'd be splurged on something worthwhile at least, but no.


I feel the need to mention that toilet paper has literally no functioning purpose in Fallout 76. It's just an item you can find in certain locations around the in-game map, and serves no larger purpose in the game whatsoever.

This isn't exactly reflective of the real world. Thankfully, there's no one ponying up $20,000 for an actual roll of toilet paper, and I'd really rather things didn't get that dire. But thank you for the weird entertainment nonetheless, Fallout 76 community. I wonder if this trend will continue in Bethesda's virtual world, to the point where toilet paper is like literal gold dust. Or whatever the equivalent of gold dust is in the Fallout universe.

Header image credit: u/DunsWulf on Reddit.

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