Fallout 76 Has Smart Ways to Deter "Assholes" From Griefing, More PvP Details

If you want to be a jerk in Fallout 76, prepare to pay dearly.

Bethesda's Todd Howard came on stage at QuakeCon for a Q&A about the upcoming Fallout 76. Howard addressed one of the biggest concerns in the Fallout community regarding the upcoming, online RPG. Namely, what to do with griefing? Howard's solution is to make sure there's no benefit in being an asshole in Fallout 76.

During the panel Howard detailed how PvP in Fallout 76 will work. It begins with one player shooting at another player, but damage is scaled down against the player who didn't instigate the fight. "You don't do full damage. It's like slapping somebody in a bar. 'You want to fight?'"

If the fight initiates the slight damage becomes full damage and the cap reward is decided on the player's level. The higher your opponent's level the more caps you'll be able to earn, thus giving players incentives to PvP with higher level players.

But what about griefers who want to go out and harass unwilling players into unwilling PvP or low level players? "We turn the assholes into interesting content," said Howard, "The player that kills somebody that didn't want to engage in [PvP] becomes a wanted murderer. They get no reward."

Not only is there no reward, caps or XP, for murdering someone in Fallout 76 (an important distinction from PvP) but they get branded a murderer on the map. They will appear as a red star that everbody can see, meaning they have a bounty on their head. The red starred players won't be able to see anyone else on the map, and what's more the caps for their own bounty will come out of their own pocket, meaning they'll be paying out themselves who ever enacts justice on the red star murderers.

There's also a feature referred to as a "pacificst flag" which players can activate and make it so that their bullets don't harm other players. It's a way to tell the world that they have no interest in fighting in PvP. This being an RPG sim pacifist player can still be killed, but they'll have the option to ignore or block a player who's killed them once.

One of the things about an online RPG is that people sometimes use massive games like the previous Fallouts as an escape. An online world brings some might say unwanted company. But it seems like Bethesda is driven by the chance at making at true Fallout experience where other players interact with each other. And they've found interesting ways to cut down harassment as well.

For more, check out our Fallout 76 guide with info on the upcoming beta, trailers, and release info. Fallout 76 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14, skipping Steam for the latter.

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