Fallout 76: Team-Only Interiors Explained in the Wastelanders Update

Fallout 76: Team-Only Interiors Explained in the Wastelanders Update

We explain how branching choices work in the new Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76.

With the new addition of NPCs in Fallout 76: Wastelanders comes a whole new range of possibilities, whether you make alliances, enemies or piles of smoking gristle. We'll explain how the new Wastelanders choice system and Team-Only Interiors work in our simple guide here.

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How Do Team-Only Interiors Work in Fallout 76: Wastelanders?

Team-Only Interiors are Fallout 76's means of solving the problem of having lasting narrative impact in an online game, without allowing a player's story to be trampled by other players in the open world. To affect this, it means that certain areas are unique to you, and we'll explain how below.

Team-Only Interiors follow different rules to the rest of the game. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Team-Only Interiors Explained

While the outside open world functions basically as it always has in Fallout 76, now certain buildings or enclosed locations are designated "Team-Only Interiors," creating duplicates of the same area that are unique to you and your team. This means that if three different players each go into a TOI, such as the Wayward Bar early on, each player goes to their own separate version of the Wayward, a version that differs according to choices they've made in the past. You can do whatever you want in these locations and the game will remember for when you come back, but it doesn't impact the versions of the Wayward that other people see.

The only way for players to share a Team-Only Interior is, appropriately enough, to be on the same team. However, this doesn't give equal power - certain actions can only be performed by the Team Leader, who will be the one connected to whatever TOI you enter. The rest of the team are basically guests, and your ability to affect change will be limited in that form.

Which Locations are Team-Only Interiors?

It's worth explaining that not every bombed-out building or Scorched-filled cave is a TOI. It's a little arbitrary, but only locations that have story impact are impacted accordingly. We won't give away all locations for fear of spoilers and because we're still hunting ourselves, but generally all TOIs are separate locations (meaning you have to go through a loading screen to enter them), they'll be linked to a major quest in some way, and they'll often (but not always) have friendly or non-hostile NPCs. Any faction headquarters or outpost is likely to be a TOI, especially if there are quest-givers there.

Here at USG, we know Fallout 76. You can find Mike's review of the game itself here, or see how players have put together the strangest religion in all the Wasteland.

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