Hefty Fallout 76 Patch Clocks in at Nearly 50GB

Hefty Fallout 76 Patch Clocks in at Nearly 50GB

Fixes general performance issues, squashes bugs.

The latest Fallout 76 patch on Xbox, PS4, and PC offers some quality of life improvements to solve performance issues during the game. It’s also 50 GB, so prepare to have that downloading while Fallout 76 is offline for maintenance.

The 48.4 GB update (to be precise) updates Fallout 76 to version,, and on Xbox, PS4, and PC respectively. Aside from the previously mentioned stability issues Bethesda released some patch notes. Here are the bigger changes listed below:

  • Placed items no longer leave behind shadow outlines after being picked up
  • The game camera now pans more smoothly when player enters furniture
  • Some enemies no longer chase players farther than intended
  • Ghoul and Scorched Officers now drop nuke code pieces upon being killed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Blueprints to break into smaller parts after logging out and back into Fallout 76
  • Paints applied to Power Armor during beta now appear correctly
  • Fixed issue where an item could return to broken state after repairs
  • Bureau of Tourism quest: Prickett’s Fort Token Dispenser can now be repaired
  • Players with Pacifist Mode enabled who engage in PvP by contesting a workshop owned by another player will now correctly deal full damage to that player if they remain hostile
  • Respawning after dying during PvP will now correctly clear any active hostile status towards other players.
  • Cap rewards now display correct amount when choosing “Seek Revenge” respawn option after being killed by another player.
  • When targeted by another player seeking revenge the correct reward amount for killing that player will be displayed
  • Take photo hotkey cannot be rebound and is tied to space bar on PC and A button on controllers
  • Take snapshot button in photomode displays correct hotkey
  • Fixed issue that could cause players to disappear from each other’s social menus if two players each sent a friend invite to one another
  • Fixed issue to prevent newly equipped Player icon from displaying to other players in Social Menu

The size of the update is by now par for the previous update size for Fallout 76 but hopefully as issues become less prominent the frequency of large-size updates will minimize.

For more check out our Fallout 76 review-in-progress, or our Fallout 76 guide for more info.

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