Fallout 76 Will Have More Vaults That Open Post-Launch

Fallout 76 Will Have More Vaults That Open Post-Launch

Fingers crossed for Vault 77.

Fallout 76 is almost here and today Bethesda posted a message thanking all of the people who helped bring Fallout 76 to life. They also teased what's in store for players post-launch, including rather cryptically, new vaults that will open.

"A huge thanks to everyone at Bethesda and ZeniMax who supported us in making this game," Bethesda writes in a blog post. "And a special than you to all our fans who participated in the B.E.T.A. With your help we've made the game better each week. And this is just the beginning. We have an incredible list of updates we've begun work on – from C.A.M.P. building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and more."

The C.A.M.P. improvements and post-launch quest and event content aren't too surprising, neither is the PvP system though it's cool that it's based around different factions. What the new Vault openings could lead to is far more interesting and cryptic. There are already several Vaults littered in the beta that players found, but access to them have only happened by accident.

What kind of secrets lie behind other Vaults? Can we find Vault 77, the puppet vault occupied by only one dweller and boxes and boxes of puppets? Will they be some kind of raid boss? I hope so.

Fallout 76 is coming out on November 14 for PC, PS4, Xbox One. You can find out when the servers go live for your region in this handy launch guide, or check out our Fallout 76 guide for more tips and tricks.

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