Fallout 76 Game Pass Release Welcomed With Open Arms, Suspicious Nuka Brews

Fallout 76 Game Pass Release Welcomed With Open Arms, Suspicious Nuka Brews

PC players have reported tech issues, but things seem to be going well otherwise.

Weary wasteland dweller, have you heard the news? For both PC and Xbox One, Fallout 76 is now available via Xbox Game Pass. It's a big step for Bethesda's multiplayer take on Fallout, which recently made some positive strides with the release of the Wastelanders expansion. That free update is also baked in the Game Pass release, so subscribers can leap right into the new 76 experience at no added cost.

Launching alongside CrossCode and Endless Space 2 on the service, Fallout 76 joins No Man's Sky and Sea of Thieves in the roster of Game Pass titles that could see a sustained boost thanks to the low barrier to entry of the subscription cost. Bethesda also just introduced Fallout 76's new seasonal content approach, which like Wastelanders is also free of charge up front.

This funky power armor is one of many new seasonal rewards in 76. | Bethesda

So, free weekends notwithstanding, there's been no cheaper way to check out Fallout 76, and it seems like a good amount of Game Pass subscribers are giving it a shot. On the Fallout 76 subreddit, one player calls it "a true joy to see all of the people emerging from the vault on Xbox One," describing friendly interactions with a handful of low-level players who have just started out their West Virginia adventures.

Another Xbox One player claims that they've been gifting bottles of Vintage Nukashine to new players exiting Vault 76. Be warned: if you install Fallout 76 and someone makes the same offer to you, drinking it will cause your character to blackout and wake up in a random location on the map. Might be fun, might be a fast way to get shredded by a Deathclaw.

Some Game Pass players on PC have been encountering issues that seemingly concern Fallout 76's servers, but is more likely to be an installation issue. Both Xbox and Bethesda say they are aware of this problem. Our Guides Editor Jake Green has already set up a page to help players out if they hit the same error.

Fallout 76's recent season kick-off update also added a way for players to set up Public Teams. That means that new Game Pass players and wizened wanderers alike have an option for partying up without fiddling around with friend requests.

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