Fallout Fan Film Explores Legate Lanius' Origins

An ambitious fan project has finally come to fruition -- watch it right here.

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The Fallout universe is one that is rich with lore and backstory, only some of which is directly explored in the six games that have made up the series to date.

One aspect that independent film director Wade K. Savage felt was worthy of exploration was the backstory of Fallout: New Vegas' primary antagonist Legate Lanius -- so that's exactly what he's done with his short film Fallout: Lanius, which you can watch right now if you're so inclined.

Fallout: Lanius stars international strongman Johnny Domino as the eponymous main character, while model and theater actress Caris Eves plays Quill, the object of Lanius' desire. Mitch Lewis, the voice actor for Legate Lanius in the game, also returns to reprise his role.

The production came about following a successful crowdfunding campaign in late 2012, when it raised $19,000. It was also backed by Steven Dengler's company Dracogen, which has helped out numerous game-related creative and charitable projects over the years, and has been released under a not-for-profit basis -- hence its presence on YouTube.

"This is the culmination of a year of my life," said director Savage. "There is a huge expectation for this film to be epic, and I feel we've done that. I'm also confident we've created a world that is believable and has some kind of emotional truth. I'm so happy for people to finally see it."

"The quality of the production is amazing, from the writing to the acting to the visual effects," added Dengler, who served as executive producer on the project. "Fallout: Lanius truly raises the bar for fan productions. It's been an honor to play a part."

The film is a particularly impressive achievement given its relatively low budget, though Savage acknowledges in the film's YouTube comments that there are aspects he would have perhaps done more with had there been more money available. It has, however, attracted the attention of Bethesda via the official Fallout Facebook page, so perhaps this could mean the beginning of great things for Savage and his team at Encryption Films?

Whether or not that's the case remains to be seen, but regardless, the film itself is well worth a watch. Set aside 20 minutes of your life and enjoy.

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