Fallout July 4th Message Featuring Liberty Prime Divides Bethesda Fans

Fallout July 4th Message Featuring Liberty Prime Divides Bethesda Fans

There are several layers of irony at play here.

Bethesda celebrated 4th of July Independence Day with a nice message from Liberty Prime, the patriotic destroyer of worlds that advocates for democracy. The only problem is that it's hard to tell if the post was made in good fun or genuine intent thanks to the many layers of satire both Fallout and Liberty Prime are steeped in.

The questions began almost immediately when Bethesda posted a picture of Liberty Prime, a giant robot/U.S. army weapon from the Fallout games, for 4th of July. Bethesda even tweeted the words "Democracy will never be defeated," something Liberty Prime says in-game.

In Fallout 3 and 4 Liberty Prime is a jingoistic weapon of mass destruction built by the United States during the fictional Sino-American war against the Communist Chinese. Alongside an impressive artillery Liberty Prime spouts patriotic slogan while committing war acts like, "Democracy is truth. Communism is death."

The problem is that like other aspects of Fallout, Liberty Prime is a satire of the United States, or at least it's supposed to be. It's hard to look at this post seriously without questioning whether or not it's supposed to be taken with the same irony the franchise is known for, or if this message is meant to be taken at face value which comes with its own problems.

The decision to invoke Liberty Prime for a 4th of July post sends a very mixed-message which can be read several ways depending on whether you read into Liberty Prime's political satire. And Twitter is divided on whether Bethesda is invoking this parody or lost the thread on its own post-apocalyptic games.

So, has Bethesda misread its own political satire? Or is this the result of a viral message gone wrong with Bethesda forgoing subtext for an easy way to wish people a happy 4th of July? It's hard to say, but unraveling the irony is going to take some time to figure out. Also, choosing to wish followers a happy holiday using a failed weapon of mass destruction probably wasn't the best idea to begin with.

Bethesda's next Fallout game is Fallout 76, a multiplayer Fallout game set in post-apocalyptic West Virginia. Whether or not Fallout 76 will lend itself to a better July 4th message remains to be seen. In the meantime you can read our Fallout 76 guide for info on its release date, multiplayer, and more.

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