The Falls Guys Community Are Creating Their Own Lovely In-Game Outfits

The Falls Guys Community Are Creating Their Own Lovely In-Game Outfits

And I want them so bad!

Fall Guys has been out for just a few days, but it's already proving to be a charming hit. The perfect combination of timing and launching straight onto PS Plus's free games of the month has seen Fall Guys shoot past 1.5 million new players in the first 24 hours of launch.

Server issues be damned, Fall Guys is a ton of creative fun. It's basically a Saturday-night game show made up of 60 players, each fighting and falling their way through baffling obstacle courses and other traps to be the first to the finish line. I've had an absolute blast with it already.

And so, it would seem, have many, many others. Fall Guys is attracting a really pleasant community online (once you weed out all the people demanding the servers be fixed instantaneously), and plenty of players have already begun putting together their own concepts for new character outfits for Mediatonic's game.

I love the rat skin concept from @ck_powerrrr on Twitter, and so does Mediatonic's social media manager (who's doing an astounding job in managing the game's social media presence, by the way). Plague-carrying carnivores aside, I like this rat skin.

That's one likeable rat. | @ck_powerrrr on Twitter

Next up, a lovely sheep skin! I absolutely adore this skin from @fluffiieee on Twitter, and I would more than happily dress my Fall Guy up in this lovely outfit, whether they like it or not.

The lovely sheep skin. | @fluffiieee on Twitter

Then there's this brilliant gumball machine outfit by MeshiiMitch on the Fall Guys subreddit. This skin is fantastic, and really captures the charming vibe that Fall Guys brilliantly embodies.

I love this gumball machine skin. | MeshiiMitch on Reddit

Two for one bonus, it's a squid and an umbrella hat! Both these outfits are by Izayaloveshumans on Reddit, and I especially love the squid skin (hey, someone get the Splatoon developers on the phone).

Two skins: Squid and rain-themed Fall Guy! | Izayaloveshumans on Reddit

Fall Guys is out now, and I can't recommend it enough. You can pick it up right now through Steam on PC, or you can nab it entirely for free if you're a PS Plus subscriber on PS4.

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