A Playable Fan-Made Warcraft IV?! Yes, Please!

Never underestimate the power of an impatient Warcraft fan and the Starcraft II editor.

Article by Cassandra Khaw, .

Before anyone jumps out of their seats, Blizzard didn't surrender their best loved intellectual property to a random dude on the streets. It's safe. Don't worry. However, said random dude on the streets did take it onto themselves to fill in the void left by the lack of a sequel.

WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde or WAH, if you will, was made with the Starcraft 2 editor and is, for the time being, the closest we're going to get to Warcraft IV for the time being. It features the two iconic factions, 14 buildings, 16 units, 18 heroes and over 50 creep types - the sort that inches up to you in clubs and goes, "Was your dad a thief? 'Cause you stole my heart." is not included.

I hope.

Currently, WAH boasts of only three maps. We've got Lost Temple which is made in "Blood Elf Style", Crossroads which draws inspiration from World of Warcraft's Barrens and Ashenvale which is all Night Elf, baby. There's a full AI system, a host of features from World of Warcraft including everything from Undead Rogues to Pandaren Monks. Have I mentioned it's playable right the heck now? Because it totally is. Just search for 'WAH' the next time you log onto Starcraft II.

What's more, t looks like the developer has plans to implement the Burning Legion sometime in the future along with a panoply of what they've described as "crazier" ideas. I am okay with this. The guy in charge, who is backed by eight years of coding and design experience, apparently intends to resign from his day job and focus completely on his budding game-mod-thing. I'm somewhat dubious about the wisdom of that decision but, who am I to judge? (Or complain.)

Keep tabs on this insane, impressive project by following the guy's Moddb.

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