Fan Makes Morpeko Pokemon Plush That Turns from Sweet to Hangry with a Flip

Fan Makes Morpeko Pokemon Plush That Turns from Sweet to Hangry with a Flip

Give it a hug, but don't let it get too close to your face.

It's been a special week for Pokemon fans. A new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced us to a new member of the Pikachu family tree: Morpeko, a sweet Electric-type hamster who morphs into a furious Dark-type if he expends all his energy and gets hungry.

Morpeko's "hangry" personality won the mouse a fanbase almost instantly. Who doesn't shift their molecular structure when they get peckish, right? It's relatable. So relatable, in fact, that a talented tailor named "fatalplush" already crafted a Morpeko stuffie.. It turns from pleasant to furious and back again when you fold it inside-out. I love it. I want it. Someone buy me this.

Reminds me of the Popple I had as a kid. Anyone else remember Popples, or should I just go be old in a corner somewhere?

The new Pokemon trailer gave us more than an off-brand Pikachu who'd sell your soul to Satan for one corn chip. We also met Galarian forms for Weezing, who boasts a pair of dapper "top hats" made out of industrial smokestacks. But my personal favorite is Galarian Zigzagoon, whose new black-and-white color scheme makes it look like a badger. Zigzagoon's new threads even come with a new third evolutionary form: A bipedal punk badger named Obstagoon that looks like a KISS member with distemper.

Pokemon Sword and Shield continues to be controversial because of its truncated National PokeDex. We still don't know which Pokemon are making the cut, and which will be locked out of the Galar Region. Keep an eye on our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides for updates as they come in.

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