Fan Turns Star Fox 64 Into a Paper Mario-Style Pop-Up Book

Fan Turns Star Fox 64 Into a Paper Mario-Style Pop-Up Book

Once upon a time in the faraway system of Lylat...

The Paper Mario games are surprisingly divisive, as some fans miss the RPG elements that have been absent in more recent games. There's one thing all Paper Mario fans can agree on, though: The series' papery aesthetics are special.

As it happens, the paper motif suits other games, too. A Star Fox fan and animator named Jorge Mendoza Velasco made a trailer for Star Fox 64 using the same colorful, folded visuals we recently saw in the first trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King, which is coming to the Switch on July 17.

When the video starts, the map screen for Star Fox 64's Lylat System opens up like a pop-up storybook. Then the team races through a papery interpretation of the game's opening city, Corneria. The original voice acting is intact throughout the trailer, too—which is a sad reminder that Rick May, who voiced Peppy Hare, Andross, and Team Fortress 2's Soldier character died of COVID-19 last month. Do a barrel roll into the next life, brave pilot.

There's one scene in Velasco's trailer that deviates from the original Star Fox 64: Star Fox and his pals encounter the evil Star Wolf and his gang on foot. An RPG-like battle ensues. The scene likely exists to further blend the lines between Star Fox and Paper Mario, which usually features face-to-face enemy encounters. It needs to be said, though: The Star Fox games never do well when Star Fox leaves his Arwing and sets foot on terra firma. Remember Star Fox Adventures? Worse still, Star Fox Assault? Neither set space on fire the way Star Fox 64 did, that's for sure.

The Paper Star Fox 64 video is a nice treat for Star Fox fans who've endured one disappointing game after another. 2016's Star Fox Zero for the Wii U flopped, and all's been quiet on the Lylat front since. Maybe Nintendo will try again soon. Keep hoping, space cowboy.

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