Fans Fixed Dragon Quest XI's Soundtrack With an Orchestrated Music Mod

Fans Fixed Dragon Quest XI's Soundtrack With an Orchestrated Music Mod

This Dragon Quest XI mod comes with strings attached. The good kind of strings.

Dragon Quest XI is a great RPG. It looks good, and it plays brilliantly. That said, its soundtrack is—uh, well, let's just say series composer Koichi Sugiyama didn't trot out his best work for this one. If you're playing the game on PC, however, modders delivered the option to paper over the MIDI instruments with some sweet orchestra strings.

Dragon Quest XI's Orchestration Overhaul mod was completed over the weekend. As its name suggests, it replaces every original tune with an orchestrated rendition. Note that for the mod to work, you need to have copies of the Dragon Quest XI soundtrack as performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. To quote the mod's "How to Install" page, "The goal of this mod is to provide the proper auditory experience that is deserving of this masterpiece of a game by applying all available orchestral variants of the songs present in the game, as composed by Koichi Sugiyama and performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra We DO NOT condone or support piracy in any way, shape of form and we will NOT provide the raw music files for listening so if you want that you'll have to BUY the official Symphonic Suite albums."

[Bicycle horns intensify]

Dragon Quest XI earned a perfect score in our review. It's an epic JRPG that boasts over 100 hours of content, so don't miss it. The only "Meh" thing about the game is its sometimes-garish MIDI soundtrack, and now that a mod fix is here, you're good to go (if you buy the game on Steam, that is. Womp-womp, fellow PlayStation 4 owners).

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